August 30, 2010

No relief For Jalandhar Urban Electricity Consumers

No relief has been given to the Urban Paid Consumers of electricity in Jalandhar and else where in Punjab. All promises of refunds , roll backs and abolition of octroi  " CHUNGI " on urban paid consumers have not been kept.

It is blatant vote bank politics where rural land lords ( many of them Multi Crorepatis ) are being given  FREE ELECTRICITY which is being paid ( cross subsidy ) by Paid Urban Consumers ( Some of them humble Landless Shopkeepers ).

Urban Punjabis have been ditched by all political parties,. This discriminatory electricity "JAZIA " is going to be a major issue in forthcoming Assembly elections in Punjab . Fed up with the open exploitation  urban paid consumers are planning to field their independent candidates and launch a " BIJLI SATYAGARHA " on Gandhian lines to seek justice .

Free Electricity Versus Exorbitant Electricity  Charges is , also , against the Fundamental Right To Equality enshrined in The Constitution of India ..

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