October 26, 2010

Accession Day J And K ( 26-10-10 ) Jalandhar Citizens Laud Celebrations

Today ( 26-10-10 ) is a historic day for India. On this day , the Princely State of Jammu And Kashmir officially acceded to India. 

The accession was as per the terms of Indian Freedom Act passed by the British Parliament under which two independent nations namely Pakistan and India were created . Further , for the Princely States like J And K the right to accede was to be exercised by their Rulers.There was no provision for independence option .

Jalandhar thinkers have expressed the view that if any segment had felt  aggrieved at this arrangement it should have challenged the British Act of Parliament  ( under the Limitation Act ).

Jalandhar citizens feel very proud of the Celebrations taking place in Jammu the winter capital of J And K.These celebrations were long overdue They wanted that there should be social and economic upliftment of the common Kashmiri public especially Kashmiri youth.( The very important tourist season was destroyed  )

Jalandhar thinkers expressed great regret that patriot like eminent painter MF Hussein was living out side India and pseudos like Arundhati Roy were  hurling abuses at India in India . Arundhati's actions were termed as not sedition but blasphemy.

Valiant Indian soldiers who laid down theor lives were specially remembered .


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