December 27, 2010

Give Deemed SC / ST Status to Physically Handicapped Indians

Jalandhar Citizens are of the view that Handicapped Persons are , also ,weaker sections of the society and hence deserve to be treated at par with other weaker sections. Physically handicapped should be given :-

Cars Without any Taxes

Exemption From Road Registration Taxes

Free Petrol ( 100 litres a month ). For them cars are not a luxury but some thing  essential   for them.

Exemption From Toll Plazas

Electricity rebates as are given to other weaker sections

As Physically Handicapped are spread out thinly and do not form a easily a workable vote bank , politicians tend to neglect them.

Hence 5 seats in the Lok Sabha should be nominated ( on the lines of Anglo Indian seat ) for Handicapped Indians .

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