December 28, 2010

Physically Handicapped Want SEPARATE ELECTORATE

To day is being observed as the Day Of The Physically Handicapped. Apart from few cosmetic and perfunctory functions nothing meaningful would be done . The Disabled of India are best forgotten by India 's policy makers including politicians.

Jalandhar thinkers are of the opinion this is because Handicapped do not form creditable VOTE BANK. So India's policymakers both at the Centre or State level see no tangible benefit for themselves or their political parties by spending on the handicapped.

Free electricity is being given in Punjab to rural landlords and SC ( they form valuable Vote Banks ) BUT not to the handicapped . The reality is such that in today's Punjab if an  Urban handicapped  tries to run a shop from his house ( as he cannot go out ) he is persecuted by the Electricity Board for not using " COMMERCIAL CATEGORY " which is a Penal Rate for which a separate connection is required .

On Toll Plazas , while the Super Rich ( VIP s ) are given exemption and fast passage , the handicapped even in their modest Maruti 800 cars are made to full amount ..

No concession on petrol , road taxes etc is given to the Handicapped    .

This is because the handicapped are spread out thinly in the present system of electoral constituencies and hence are powerless before the REAL vote Banks. During Lok Sabha or State Assembly elections , no politician or political party  coins even a temporary election time promise or slogan for the Handicapped . This is despite that more than 10 % of Indians are physically challenged .

Handicapped in India should not be included in the normal electoral constituencies The electoral lists should be reworked out. THEY SHOULD BE GIVEN SEPARATE ELECTORATE WHERE THEY CAN ELECT THEIR OWN MPs and MLA s by postal votes. Seats should be reserved for the handicapped as per their population percentage.

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