December 14, 2010

India Should Co-operate With China But Show Firmness

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao is coming to India on 15-12-2010. He is most welcome.

Jalandhar thinkers have expressed that India should show tact and firmness towards China. Economically China needs India as a market. But China has a nasty history of acting in an arrogant way towards India.Chinese  leaders are still trapped in the Imperial notion that it is the Middle Kingdom and that every other nation revolves around it. Though present China may have adopted capitalism it still believes in the Mao's Communist diction that " Power Stems From The Barrel of a Gun ". India should talk to China in a language China understands

India should exert pressure on China vis-a-vis Tibet. India has a special stake in Tibet and China should not assume that India has given China a blank cheque on the Tibet issue. China should be reminded that it should honour its commitments given in early 1950s regarding Tibetan autonomy.

China should stop using Pakistan as a strategic weapon to slow down India's economic growth. China should keep its hands off Pakistan .


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