December 16, 2010

NRI Sabha Punjab- District Presidents' Elections on 07-01-2011


All concerned are hereby informed that the elections for the Presidents of District Units of NRI sabha shall be held in the Districts of

SBS Nagar  ( Nawanshahr ),
Kapurthala ,
Hoshiarpur ,
Ludhiana ,
SAS Nagar(Mohali),
Taran Taran,
Amritsar ,

on 07.01.11.Time and venue as well as returning Officers shall be appointed by respective Deputy Commissioners being Chairmen of District Units.

The members belonging to respective districts enrolled till 30.11.10 will be eligible to vote .

                                                                                                  Sd/-(Kamaljit Singh Hayre)
                                                                                                  President NRI Sabha Punjab

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Balbir Singh. UK said...

I had to visit two times to the Sabha office for help but sadly hardly any help was not available. First time when a maid servant refused to get out of the kothi when her services were not required. I was told to go to the NRI Thana and report. When I reported. The whole hoard of local politicians of Kapurthala appeared with the maid and demanded a large sum of money to get out otherwise rot in courts. Police showed their helplessness before the politicians and advised me to pay . When I refused, maid played an other trick on us and filed a false report on us to beat her up backed by the medical certificate and local politicians. Police knew it was false but sided with the politicians and forced us to pay other wise file a case on us and surrender of passports. I wish I had not gone to the NRI Sabha but to the police direct.
Second time one of my relations were to apply for OCI in India. The helping officer was reading paper when I entered the office . He asked me to tell him my problem without raising his eyes from the news paper. I requested him to enquire from the Home Office about the requirements of the papers. He gave me the number ans told me to get in touch.He will not talk to the Home office but asked me. What a help?
I had been a union member in UK. Whenever I had a problem they will contact the other offices themselves,hire a solicitor if required,draft and type the application or letter etc. Can we expect our NRI Sabha to work on that pattern who keeps their own Lawyers,own qualified staff to guide, to get in touch and draft good letters and get it typed! Or Am I expect too much from an in-organised and immature organisation who is led by rich or inexperienced who do not suffer day to day problems.
I wish to see some one like Ramuvalia,experienced retired union official or a good managerial skilled man/woman to hire the qualified staff who can help the needy but no gymmicks to say go here and go there!, to run this organisation this organisation.