August 22, 2011

End Corruption

Some one rightly described Democracy as the Freedom to Elect Your Dictator.

The Powers That Are are responsible for the erosion of ordinary Non VIP Indians faith in the democratic institutions and  procedures . How often the is hard earned money of tax payers wasted on meaningless stalling and walk outs Once elected these work as a Club in which the Aam Admi is ignored for the next 5 years. Had the democratic institutions worked in letter and spirit then there would not have been any need for People 's aspirations shifting to Ram Lila grounds. Govt. should take this Non Violent Mass Movement as an opportunity to identify with common man in a truly meaningful way and not function as democratically elected autocracy.

Corruption is costing India more than 2 % + in GDP growth and corruption is hurting the Poor and the Under privileged the most.


End Corruption - Make Governance Simple , Transparent And Pro People


 One easy way to make administration simple is that all governmental departments should take down the mobile number of the applicant.

 Once , the work of the applicant is complete a SMS should be sent to him that he should come to the concerned office and collect his papers.

 Members of public should not have to visit again and again .

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