December 01, 2011

India FIRST - Today And Always

In these times of Globalisation , India must move with the World. India stands to gain more by allowing FDI in Retail. If we do not follow Reforms India stands the risk of slipping into Recession.

There is a Bandh organised in Jalandhar and Rest of the country.

For Communists Walmart in China - OK - In India - NO

It appears Communists in India have double standards. While China has gone ahead with Walmart , India is being sought to be kept in the Stone Age. (For narrow aims Communists and even BJP has come together in opposing FDI in Retail ) Earlier , BJP in its Election Manifesto had FDI in Retail as its Objective.

Some time it was computerization ( Had they had their way then India could not have emerged as World `s leading IT Hub.

Look at what liberalisation has done in the Communication sector ( especially telephony ) in India. Around 10 years back one had wait for endless years to get an ordinary telephone connection. Now , nearly every Indian whether Aam Admni or Khas Aadmi proudly owns a mobile.

( Disclosure : We belong to the Trading Community and the family members associated With Family Retail Businesses. BUT WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY MORE THAN OUR NARROW INTERESTS )

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