December 02, 2011

Jalandhar Thinkers Decry Chinese Arrogance

Jalandhar Thinkers have expressed their shock and anger towards the recent Chinese temerity and arrogance towards meddling in India's internal matters. India should take all counter measures ( diplomatic , military preparedness , both defensive and offensive ) to counter the Loose Cannon that China has become today.

"India should get out their inferiority complex which set in Post 1962 ( Nehru`s follies ) when India `s much superior Air Force was not used. During the Second World War Allied Powers ( USA and Britain ) developed excellent Air bases in the North East ( like Tezpur , Jorhat etc). From these bases Allies` Long Range Bombers would cross the Himalayas and bomb Japanese positions in China. Unfortunately many of these air bases were closed down by our leaders after Independence

. Before independence India held a very strong presence in Lhasa ( Tibet ) including a Resident. Lhasa traded through Kolkata port. Sardar Patel had warned Nehru regarding giving up Indian influence in Tibet.

China may be formidable but there is much hype . Many of China 's economic stats like Per Capita income etc are glorified estimates.

China has gone back on its promises , given in 1950s for giving Tibet autonomy. India should give recognition to the Tibetan Government in Exile ( which has accepted Indian version of boundary between India and Tibet ( now under Chinese occupation ). India should take steps towards liberation of Chinese Occupied Kashmir ( Aksai Chin )

China blatantly holds joint military exercises with Pakistan along the Indian Punjab and Rajasthan border .Chinese troops are present in very large number in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. There are reports that China has taken over virtual control of Gilgit and Baltistan  . Coco Islands ( which were conceded by Pt. Nehru to Burma ) are being used for spying Indian Naval activities China is increasing its presence i Burma , Nepal and Sri Lanka. China , admittedly , calls this the policy of choking India with a ' String of Pearls " 

India has the Tibetan advantage. We better start using it.

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