December 24, 2011

Punjab Assembly Elections- Voters ' Questions to Candidates And Parties

Political Parties have become active in Jalandhar and rest of Punjab. There was a Rally in Rama Mandi Jalandhar by the BJP Chief.

The Urban Voters have the following questions for all candidates.

Why is Petrol in Punjab costlier by Rs. 8 per Liter than in neighbouring Haryana ?

Why is CHOONGI ( and also VAT ) levied on Urban Petrol consumers and CHOONGI on Urban Electricity when CHHONGI has been abolished in Punjab ?.

Why is Electricity @ Rs. 6 + per Unit  charged when the rate in neighbouring Himachal Pradesh is around Rs. 3 Per Unit.?

Why are Urban Businessmen in Punjab charged Electricity at Penal Rates ( euphemistically termed as COMMERCIAL while on Vote Bank basis Electricity is being given Free to some .?

Why at the mushrooming Toll Tax Plazas are Nano and Maruti 800 cars charged at the same rate as a BMW ?

Why are Physically Handicapped NOT INCLUDED in the very Long List of thoseExempted at the Toll Plazas ?

Why are  Red Lights  on Cars ( a major traffic hazard ) not checked ?

Urban Punjabis would oppose Modern Day JAZIA in all forms.

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