January 10, 2012

Give Deemed SC / ST Status to Physically Handicapped

Physically Handicapped are truly Weaker Sections of the Society . They should be given Deemed ST / SC status.

While there is great uproar over giving Reservations on Religious basis it seems Physically Handicapped of India form no Party's Vote Bank.

In Punjab where Electricity is given free on Vote Bank  basis. no Free electricity is given to the Physically Handicapped . So much so if a Physically Handicapped tries to set up an Office / Shop at home as a person on a Wheelchair cannot go out , he is persecuted and harassed for not having a COMMERCIAL CONNECTION and his shop or office ultimately  at his Home Premises  closed down by the Electricity people.

No exemption is given to the  Physically Handicapped in the Very Long of Exemption List display ed at every Highway Toll Plazas.

More than 10% of Indians are Physically Handicapped . They are the most oppressed  by the Rules and Exemptions tailored for the VIPs and the Vote Banks..

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