April 19, 2012

Agni V Sobers up China

Jalandhar Citizens are discussing that the paranoid Chinese Official Media response is the ultimate proof that the Agni V Missile was a great success .

There can be no military laxity or diplomatic niceties ttowards China .Present Chinese politicians follow the Maoist Dictum , as given theirLittle Red Book that " Power Stems From The Barrel of a Gun `. Agni V by
bringing all Chinese targets including Shanghai would sober up ChinaVis -a - Vis India. China has had the arrogance of telling Indian PM , Defence  Minister and Others not to visit Arunachal Pradesh China still carries
on with the Ming Dynasty 's delusion that it is the  "Middle Kingdom " andthe rest of the World revolves around it .

We wish India had shown similar maturity in 1962. At that much superior
Indian Air Force was not used. In the Second World War , Allies ( USA ,
Britain ) had developed excellent Air bases in the North East - Jorhat
,Tezpur etc. From these Allies Long Range Bombers would cross the
Himalayas and bomb Japanese targets deep inside China .After Indian
independence Nehru got some of these Air bases in the North East closed.
Nehru got some of these Air bases in the North East closed.

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