May 26, 2012

Exempt Petrol Cars From Toll Plazas

Jalandhar Thinkers want Petrol Cars to be Exempted from Paying Toll Tax at Toll Plazas.

Already , such Petrol cars are paying nearly  Rs. 40   ( in the total price of Rs. 81 Per Liter in Punjab ) as TAXES and CROSS SUBSIDY  ( for Diesel as well ).

So , only Diesel Cars should pay Toll Tax.

Further , Physically Handicapped Car Travellers in Diesel cars should be exempted.

( India has strange logic. Here those who Dodge and Avoid Toll Tax at Toll Plazas are called V I P s . Those who pay are called Aam Aadmi . REAL V I P s are those WHO PAY )


Petrol in Punjab in the Costliest in the entire country

Diesel in Punjab is the cheapest in the entire country .

This is the result of Vote Bank politics.

Punjab CM should cut down the heavy VAT ( state taxes ) on Petrol and increase the negligible VAT on Diesel. He should not try to misguide Punjabi consumers of Petrol by trying to put the blame on Centre. Petrol in Punjab in nearly Rs.8 costlier than in the neighboring state of  Haryana . Petrol in both Punjab and Haryana is sourced from the same set of refineries . So how can Mr. Badal Sr. blame the Centre.

Similarly , Vote Bank politics in Electricity. Punjab Govt. is rushing through the Municipal Elections before the budget . After  Municipal elections massive increase is in the pipeline for Paid Category  ( Non Vote Bank Segment ) to CROSS SUBSIDISE Free Category ( Vote Bank ) consumers of electricity in Punjab. Electricity in neighboring state of Himachal Pradesh is Rs. 3 Per Unit while for Urban Punjabi business men ( Penal - Commercial rate ) it is Rs. 7 + Per Unit.

BJP Double Faced - Mum on Petrol- Electricity Jazia in Punjab

BJP 's protest nationwide , on Petrol hike are hypocritical when in Punjab where BJP is a Ruling Partner , Petrol price is the Highest in the Country and Diesel Price is the LOWEST in the country..

Petrol in Punjab Rs. 81 Diesel Left Unchanged
Petrol is used by the Common Man in scooters , motorcycles , small cars like Nano Car , Maruti 800 etc. Diesel is used by the Rich Farmers and moneyed class in larger SUVs.
In Punjab Petrol price has been increased to Rs. 80 Per Liter ( Rs. 83 for Premium ). Diesel prices have been left unchanged.
World wide prices of Diesel and Petrol are nearly same.
In Punjab Petrol prices are nearly Rs. 8 higher than in Haryana although Petrol in both states is sourced from same set of refineries.
Even at Toll Plazas , a Nano Car is taxed at the same rate as a BMW.. At Toll Plazas many SUVs dodge Toll Tax by hooting their vehicles through the V I P Lane.
No concession is given to the Physically Handicapped for Petrol or at Toll Plazas in Punjab because Physically Handicapped Punjabis are not considered as a Vote Bank.
After the Municipal Elections Electricity charges for the Paid category are going to be increased to cross subsidise the Free Category ( Vote Bank s ) including Super Rich Farmers.
In Punjab , VAT and local Taxes should be reduced on Petrol, Treat all Punjabis ( No Vote Banks ) equally. Choongi and Bijli Kar should be abolished for Urban Punjabis. Commercial Category Electricity , euphemism for Penal Category ( for Urban Business Men ) should be abolished
DEEMED SC / ST status ( for electricity ) should be extended to Physically Handicapped Punjabis , even though they may not form a Vote Bank. As Petrol is a necessity Petrol should be given to Physically Handicapped at the rate of Production Cost ( i.e. Rs. 37 Per Liter )

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