July 27, 2012

Jalandhar Supports Raj Thackeray Campaign Against Highway Toll Tax Exploitation

It is good to see Raj Thackerey espouse the cause of the common man

Highway Toll Tax Dodgers Are NO
  V I P s

Real VIP s Are Those Who Pay-Not Vice Versa

In Independent India there are no VIP Indians or Non VIP Indians but only one Category i.e. INDIANS.

No where is this pernicious Cult of VIP ism more in play than at Toll Tax Plazas where they have a separate VIP Passage where so called the privileged take a QUICK AND FREE passage where as the under privileged are made to wait and pay.


But the Mushrooming Toll Plazas have made the ordinary motorists extremely unhappy.

The VIP passage should be open only for Police / Army and ambulances. The rest should join the.queues and feel proud to be with the Common Indians and not a Class above them.

The long lists of those Exempted should be cut drastically. It is stated that President of India is exempted. Well Presidents have and rightly so special planes and they do not use Highways.

In the Long Exempted List why are Physically Handicapped Car Travelers not included ? Why So. ?

Small cars like Maruti 800 and Nano cars should be exempted from paying Toll Tax .

Presently a Nano car is made to pay the same amount as a BMW

All Petrol Cars etc should be exempted and only Diesel Vehicles should pay Toll Tax ( in Punjab where Govt sells Petrol @ Rs. 79 Per Litre , Rs. 45 Per Litre are Taxes and Cross Subsidies ). Diesel ( which is heavily subsidided - In Punjab Diesel sells around Rs. 37 Per Lire - Lowest in the Country ) 


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