July 27, 2012

VAT on Punjab Sugar -Indefinite Hartal -Jalandhar Traders Also Join

Over taxed Punjabis after the recent  Assembly Elections have been burdened with taxes and cross subsidies in one form o r the other.

There is overwhelming support for the Hartal of Wholesale Sugar merchants in Jalandhar against the imposition of VAT by Punjab Government on Sugar.

Sugar is an item of consumption by all including the most humble.

Urban Punjabis have demanded that Punjab BJP should clear its stand on Anti Urban Punjabi policies of the Ruling Govt. especially on issues of

 1 )VAT on Sugar and Mobile Phones

2 ) Abolition of Choongi (Octroi ) on Urban Electricity

3 )Abolition of Commercial Category of Electricity

4 )Petrol in Punjab ( Rs. 79 ) Rs. 8 Per Ltire more costly than in Haryana ( Diesel in Punjab is  Cheapest in India )

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Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Instead of indiscriminately increasing the taxes and cross subsidy Governments should reduce their expenditure and cost of Governance,
The outgoing President spent Rs. 205 crore on her / family foreign trips. The 340 Room Rashtrapati Bhavan ( erstwhile Viceregal Palace of Colonial Masters ) has no place in an independent India. Posts of President ( PM is sufficient ) , Vice President , Governors , Sheriffs etc should be abolished and money saved should be used used to grant much needed relief to the Over Taxed Common Indians

) In lighter vain there is saying going around that rains have bypassed India this year because some one has told Monsoon that Centre has imposed GAAR and State Govts. VAT on Rainfall !!!