August 01, 2012

Anna Hazare - Hope of Aam Indians

Team Anna does not stand to make any personal gain , No body can deny that there is all pervasive corruption , vote bank politics and over taxation of the Aam Aadmi.Once elected MP s and MLA s forget the public for the next 5 years.

Let us take an example. A physically Handicapped Indians wishes that Petrol be given to him at cost price ( i.e. around Rs. 35 Per Litre ) , To whom should we go for justice. Our MP , our MLA , our Welfare Minister , our Deputy Commissioner - No body would listen to us because physically handicapped Indians are not a Vote Bank. Team Anna is the only hope for India for Indians .

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Rahul said...

Dear Annaji / Kejriwalji, we welcome your decision of forming a separate political party. I am 100% sure that Team Anna party will win. All the very best and God Bless!!