December 29, 2012

Will Delhi Braveheart Damini's Martyrdom Reform India ?

Up till today , no a single politician has come out and said
1) That politicians / High Officials would not misuse police for their personal ends

( There was Punjab Police for Ponty Chadha and Uttarakhand Police for Sukhdev Singh Namdhari - That Police which is meant for the security of the Common Man ).
2 ) No politician has said that they would not use Red Beacon / Hooter on their cars or do away with tinted glasses / curtains
( There are incidents of such cars being used by other than Politicians / High Officials )while going to Bazaars etc in the evening and occupants using the Hooters / Beacons as if they another car accessory

We sincerely hope that Indians now are not again taken for a ride as they were Post Independence . Politicians appear to be managing only the Crowds` anger and passing time. We sincerely hope genuine Pro People Reforms emerge from Damini`s sacrifice.

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