January 01, 2013

Nano Car's RC ( Registration ) in Punjab Rs. 13,500 !!!

Punjab 's Leaders have no qualms about imposing a Registration Fee ( RC charges ) of Rs. 13,500 for buying World's smallest car Tata Nano .

This is along with

A Hefty VAT on Petrol Cars

Petrol which is nearly Rs. 8 Per Liter more expensive than in neighbouring Haryana 

Toll Tax Plazas every time one changes gears. 

( From Jalandhar to Chandidgarh 110 Km distance has 4 Toll Tax Plazas )

Take a situation where there is a Physically Handicapped Punjabi  who cannot travel by scooter . He decides to buy a Tata Nano.

Punjab Govt. demands from him Rs. 13500 as Registration Fee

At Toll Tax he has to pay same Toll Tax as a  BMW. 

Pay for Petrol @ Rs. 8 Per Litre more than in Haryana

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