March 27, 2013

Abolition of Punjab VAT on Coconuts Welcomed

The sheer desperation of the Punjab Govt. to raise revenue to provide for subsidies to Vote Bank s ( including a whopping Rs. 6000 crore electricity subsidy to Farmers ) saw an ill advised VAT Tax on Coconuts ( Nariyal ).

Coconuts are used by Minority in Punjab for Religious purposes.

It is very unfortunate that the religious objects are also not being spared by the Govt desperate for taxes to provide  freebies to Vote Banks .

The protests by the Devotees has finally led to the abolition of VAT on Nariyal .
Physically Handicapped Punjabis have been demanding exemption from Property Tax , Right to work / do business from their homes , exemption from taking Commercial Electricity connection , Exemption from Toll Tax Plazas.

As Physically Handicapped are not considered to be a Vote Bank , there should beaReservation of 10 % of MC./MLA / MP seats for the Handicapped (  as 10% of the Electorate  is disabled ).

Deemed  SC/ST status should be extended to the physically Handicapped as they are , truly , the Weaker Sections of the Society.


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