March 27, 2013

Physically Handicapped Punjabis Want Exemption From Property Tax etc.

Physically Handicapped Punjabis have been demanding exemption from Property Tax , Right to work / do business from their homes , exemption from taking Commercial Electricity connection , Exemption from Toll Tax Plazas , Free petrol , Electricity  ( like Free electricity to Vote Banks in Punjab ).

As Physically Handicapped are not considered to be a Vote Bank , there should be a Reservation of 10 % of MC./MLA / MP seats for the Handicapped (  as 10% of the Electorate  is disabled ). The concept of Separate Electorate should be introduced for the Handicapped by suitably amending the Constitution of India

Deemed  SC/ST status should be extended to the physically Handicapped as they are , truly , the Weaker Sections of the Society.

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