April 23, 2013

India Must React Firmly to Chinese Military Moves in Ladakh

Mountain Strike Corps - Give Immediate Funds

Jalandhar Thinkers want that immediate funds be released for the proposed Mountain Strike Corps of the Indian Army.

Defence of our Motherland is above all considerations. 



 India should wake up to the threat of a Joint Pakistan - China attack from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ( along the Muzzafarabad - Srinagar Road ).

It is really sad that Indian Govt. is acting in a way like in 1962.

Because of rising Fiscal Deficit Indian Govt. is

1)Delaying setting up of the urgently needed Mountain Strike Corps 

2 )Indian Air Force `s Budget has been reduced by Rs, 10000 crore.

3)Indian Artillery `s 155 mm Howitzers ( Bofors type ) not replenished .

4 ) IndianNavy`s Air Craft Carrier INS Vikramaditya indefinitely delayed.

5 ) Indian Navy `s Scorpene Submarines also delayed.

Defence scenario is very grim. We should stop wasting time in Walkouts / Jammings / Filibustering / Quotas / Retailers Interest / Diesel Subsidies etc. and immediately attention should be paid to the Pakistan - China nexus. Chinese Troops ( PLA army ) is already in Gilgit / Hunza . From  here along with Pakistan army it would move into Indian Kashmir.

The absence of India`s Mountain Strike Corps would prove to be very very costly (a la 1962 ) 

China Takes Control of Gwadar Port of Pakistan - The Dawn Report

China is completing its strategy of controlling the Indian Ocean by having a String of Pearls ( Naval Ports ) around India.

Please read Report from the leading Pakistani Newspaper The Dawn regarding China's sinister designs in the Indian Ocean vis- a -vis India.


China has also started to build dams on the Brahmaputra River.

On the other hand , India has delayed the setting up of Mountain Strike Corps and cut Indian Air force's budget by Rs. 10,000 crore. This had delayed the French Fighter Jet Rafale Deal.

These are worse times than in 1962 .


China only understands the language of Brute Force (  Power Stems From the Barrel of a Gun- Says Mao in Little Red Book ) 

Chinese  Leadership continues to live under the delusions of its being the Middle Kingdom and the rest of the World revolving around it.

India Should Teach China a Lesson.

India must :-

Release funds for the proposed Mountain Strike Corps.

Stop Treating Tibet as part of China. Tibetan areas should be referred to as CHINESE OCCUPIED TIBET .
The Government of His Holiness The Dalai Lama should be given official recognition by India.

India must recoup its Influence over Tibet. Dogra Rulers ( J and K ) were TIBET NARESH.  Tibet culture is an extension of Indian culture. India must protect Tibetan Culture ( from Hans - Mainland Chinese genocide ).


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