April 24, 2013

" LAATON KE BHOOT BAATON SEY NAHIN MAANTEY"- Indian Response to Chinese Aggression


China only understands the language of Brute Force (  Power Stems From the Barrel of a Gun- Says Mao in Little Red Book ) 

Chinese  Leadership continues to live under the delusions of its being the Middle Kingdom and the rest of the World revolving around it.

India Should Teach China a Lesson feel  Jalandhar Thinkers

India must :-

Release funds for the proposed Mountain Strike Corps.

Stop Treating Tibet as part of China. Tibetan areas should be referred to as CHINESE OCCUPIED TIBET .
The Government of His Holiness The Dalai Lama should be given official recognition by India.

India must recoup its Influence over Tibet. Dogra Rulers ( J and K ) were TIBET NARESH.  Tibet culture is an extension of Indian culture. India must protect Tibetan Culture ( from Hans - Mainland Chinese genocide )


What ever boundary disputes India has are with Tibet , China has occupied Tibet. In 1950 s China had assured the World of autonomy for Tibet ( which pledge it has reneged ). 
The Tibetan Govt. in Exile has accepted India`s stand on the Boundary Issue with Chinese Occupied Tibet .
It is in India`s strategic interests to have an independent Tibet as buffer between India and China .

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