April 27, 2013

Place India Above All -Jalandhar Thinkers

Our Rulers do not see beyond a limited vision . This is Vote Bank Concessions , Freebies to Rich Farmers , Bureaucracy working not for the General Public but for the Politicians and Rampant Corruption.

Who is concerned about the Nation ?

We elect our Representatives.What for ? They forget us for the Next 4 years 9 months? They work as Democratically Elected Dictators.A sort of Glorified Chelmsford Club / Gymkhana Club.

So much time /money wasted on Walkouts.

No body questions as to why the Creamy Layer goes on taking Reservation benefit generation after generation ( thereby denying the benefit to the genuine within their community.

Super Rich Farmers in Punjab are given Free Electricity . Where as  Poor Small Shopkeepers / Handicapped charged Electricity  at Penal Rates.

Where is Justice ?

We wish the world reality was as easy as in India .A Walkout , and hey and presto, the Chinese go back from the Indian land. 

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