July 14, 2013

End Commercial Category Electricity Connection Demand Jalandhar Traders

On the one hand Free Electricity annually worth Rs. 10,000 crore is being given to Rich Farmers , on the other hand Jalandhar shopkeepers are being harassed for technical reasons ( like Commercial Category - which is a Penal Rate category).

Jalandhar Businessmen have voiced their anger at these discriminatory policies of the Govt ( based on Vote Bank )

No body should be called a Bijli Chor .  

Only those who PAY are called CHOR. Those who do not pay at all are spared.

Electricity Board in Punjab should be bifurcated into two:-

1 ) For Paid Category  - to be run on Commercial lines

2 ) Separate Electricity Board For Free Category ( to be run as a Govt. Deptt.)

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