September 07, 2013

Interview of Blog Writer by Punjab Kesari- Justice For Business Men

Make Bribes Payments a Legitimate Business Expense.

 Otherwise , in the Balance sheet ( P/L ) where to enter Bribes and Other Corruption Expenditure.

Bribes Payment of Rs. 50, 000 should be made by A/c Payee Cheques.

 First they Demand Bribes for which  Cash- Black  ( Non Balance Sheet has to be generated ). Then they blame Business men as " Chor '

Bribe Takers Should Include Bribe Income in their Income Tax  Returns under the " Head " Income From Other Sources "and pay Tax on it. 

If Corruption charges are made by cheques , no trader would generate Cash in Black.

Present times , for Business Men , are worse than under British Colonial Rule.

Britishers when they forced Indians for money , they called them RAI BAHADUR.

Present day , they call them CHOR.