September 06, 2013

Site For Buying / Selling Coins- Message Received

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to present you a new portal which will offer items for Numismatic Community. Our website is dedicated specially to all Indian Coins and Paper Money along with a bit of antique items. Our aim is to further the cause of Indian Coin collecting rather than making a profit and to provide our visitors a fair trade. We plan to keep expanding until we have covered all possible coins & notes from every era. It is a courageous task and with the help of all our visitors, contributors and well wishers we will succeed.

Any user who wants to sell goods or services can list items for sale on the site. Sellers sets a start time, end time, pricing information and provide a detailed description and images for the items they are selling. Other users can then browse the site and bid on or buy items they are interested in. Should there be a sale, the bid or buy system puts the buyer and seller in contact with each other. The payment made by the buyer will be secured by coin era team and shall berealized to seller's account on satisfaction of product genuinely & shipment of the product.

The future of Indian coins collecting is bright, this is quite evident from recent spurt in demand for Indian coins & notes.

COIN ERA is a perfect solution for buying/selling Indian coins  papers notes and other antique items with the help of sophisticated e-commerce tools and with a minimum of efforts. We offer great exposure to its users as it is open for trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Coin Era Team


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