July 17, 2014

NRI Properties in Jalandhar Manipulated by Political Dons

Jalandhar citizens are animatedly discussing a News Report in 17-07-2014 dated Jalandhar Kesari (  Punjab Kesari ) where it has been exposed that a group of Political Dons identify such NRI properties in Jalandhar which are owned by NRI s and whose owners rarely visit India. Many such ignored properties are under un authorized encroachments or have been let out to Govt. Departments at a very low rent.  

The Political Bosses approach such NRI owners by visiting them abroad. They buy such NRI properties by paying just 10 to 20 % of the true market value.

After that political clout is used to get the properties vacated. If these properties are under Govt. offices occupation , then these Govt. offices are made to shift else where. 

A case has been cited of a very valuable property in Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar   ( area 5 kanal +  )which was earlier office of  District Education Officer ( Primary and Secondary ).

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