May 02, 2015

Evening College / GND Univ Basti Nau -Owned by Burki Family Before 1947

Not Ancestral Haveli of President Zia-ul-Haq (Basti Nau, Jalandhar) ???

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 The Haveli Picture (Guru Nanak Dev University / Evening College) is the house of Burki Family then Commisioner Ahmed Hussan Khan father of Ahmed Raza Khan, Shaukat Khanum mother of World known Cricketier Imran Khan and Shaukat Khanum elder sister married to Lieut. General Wajid Khan Burki and their sons also top cricketier. Zia ul Haq 's  father was living in a Hura as he was the Imam at Burkis Mosque at Basti Bawa Khel near Basti Daneshmandan. I was born 1940 in Basti Nau and only my grand father Nawab Khan and Ahmed Hussan Khan uncle Shah Zaman Khan owned whole Basti Nau. Shah Zaman Khan lived in a house made of old small bricks like a fort near our Mosque. This is the history of Basti Nau. 

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 Ather Khan 

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