June 25, 2015

Help Road Accident Victims Govt. Notification To Protect GOOD SAMARITANS

Go ahead, help an accident victim. Save a life and spread the word!

Government of India has issued the guidelines that protect Good Samaritans from legal and procedural hassles. You can find them here:
This is a big win for all of us! It is also a huge step in the direction of a Good Samaritan Law for India, which will provide additional legal backing for the effective implementation of these guidelines.
Until then, please carry this notification with your vehicle papers.
If someone still tries to intimidate or harass you for helping an injured person, write to me  ( Piyush Tiwari ) with complete details at piyush@savelifefoundation.org or send a whatsapp message to 0 9540 824 494.


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