February 24, 2016

Reservation Riots ( Haryana )

Vote Bank Politics

Mindset of Divide And Rule inherited from British Colonial Masters. Britishers used to keep , at Railway stations , Two separate Drinking Water pots :- Hind u Paaani , Muslim Paani .
Result , in 1947 , Partition.
Every where burning / Looting shops / factories etc.
Govt.s dependent , entirely ,on Taxes paid by these Business men.
No Protection or Respect for those who pay Taxes.
India 's Freedom Struggle was spearheaded by Business men and Indian Industrialists ( Birla s , Bajaj s .) 

Mahatma Gandhi was from Business Class ( Caste - Bania ).

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Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

The problem in India is that arsonists / killers do not get punished. Look at 1984 when more than 3000 innocent Indians murdered so brutally in India 's capital . And no body gets punished.