February 22, 2016

We Are a Democracy

Why in a Democratic set up do we have periodic unrest / arson - blockades.

Some time back it was Punjab roads , now Haryana.

MLA s / MP s are supposed to represent the people from where they get elected . Assemblies are where peoples' grievances should , theoretically , be addressed. These agitations have shown the failure of the elected and the Assemblies.'' MP s / MLA s should remain in touch with their constituencies and be sensitive to the aspirations of those they represent.

Frequent Walk Outs / Blocking of Debates in Assemblies serve no purpose.


It seems our MP s / MLA s , once elected , lose touch with aspirations of their Electorate.

Parliament / Assemblies can function online ( Video Conferencing ) and MLA /MP s can remain in their constituencies ( and be in touch with Public mood ).

Hold Elections every 3 Years.

In the USA tenure of President is for 4 years. 5 Year tenure in India was decided up on 64 years ago and when votes were cast on Ballot Papers. Election costs, now , can be reduced to a minuscule if voting is done by Adhaar Card enabled Mobiles.

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