July 06, 2016

Chilcot Iraq Report and my BBC Talk

ASH VAANI from India -Live on BBC- Great Experience
Some time back , I had the honour of being Live on BBC TV ( through Skype )
It was great experience . The auditions, light, repeated instructions to look at the Web Camera ( and not the Monitor ) and our challenge to keep our dogs quiet.
My first question was directed by the Host ( live ) to State Deptt of $ spokesperson ( there was and is no answer to that )
The best part was when I was told at the start of the Live Discussion .
ASH VAANI WE ARE GOING LIVE IN 10 SECONDS and then the Count down
Iraq War - No Weapons of Mass Destruction Were Ever Found
Chilcot Report findings remind me of my Live participation in a BBC
programme (through Skype) on the topic of Iran and its Nuclear programme,( It was , indeed a Great Honour for me to have been invited by BBC ) .
The first point I raised was that Iraq was invaded because we were told that Saddam had WMD and later no WMD was ever found.
The other point stated by me was that there should be talks and negotiations with Iran over the nuclear issue.
I said that if Iran was threatened with military intervention then surely Iran would go nuclear like India did when in 1971 Seventh Fleet was sent to the Bay of Bengal. Indira Gandhi , at that time , ordered the Weaponisation of India 's the up-till then peaceful nuclear programme.
A question was put to me that Iran says that it will destroy Israel.
My answer was that had it been possible for any country to destroy Israel then they would have done so 60 years ago.I said no body can destroy Israel
What Iran is threatening is --- While I was groping for the right word , the BBC host gave me that word - RHETORIC.
What Iran is threatening is just and plain Rhetoric.

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