June 29, 2017

Rajiv Mehrishi . Union Home Secretary . We are very proud of you.

( My fellow Resident / Senior in St. Stephen's College )
College Days
During our time ( 1975 -80 ) , Delhi University Inter College Cricket Final was , invariably , between St. Stephen's and Hindu College.
Our St. Stephen's College had cricketing stars like Kirti Azad , Arun Lal , Rajinder Amarnath ( younger brother of Mohinder , Surinder Amar Nath ). Staff In charge , the legendary and dashing HOD - History- Prof Mohammad Amin.
The annual Cricket Final ( University Grounds ) was a grand affair with running Radio commentary ( Yuv Vani A.I.R. )
For us spectators / College supporters action centered around the Side Screen ( at the University End ) with Hindu College and St. Stephen's crowds on either back side of the Side Screen .
The atmosphere used to be very charged with beating of drums and often abusive slogan shouting. At periodical intervals , jostling crowds would come head on and a free hand to hand scuffle ensued ( like a Kabbadi match with the Raider being pinned down )
St. Stephen crowd's star defender was the fearless Rajiv Mehrishi. With Mehrishi around we would feel very safe and bold.
We are very sure with IAS Rajiv Mehrishi as the Union Home Secretary , the entire country, feels safe.

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