June 29, 2017

My College Memories

When we were resident students in St. Stephen's College , Delhi ( 1975 -80 ) there was the popular JAI CHAND KA DHAABA - a simple open air tea stall operating on one side of the front boundary wall ( which was low in height so the wall was a convenient cooking slab) of Hindu College.
We would visit it especially in the evenings / night time after our cafe was closed , Jai Chand made good tea ( on a air pressure pump kerosene stove ). Also available were omelettes , with bread slices served with a locally made ( unbranded ) tomato ketchup.
Simple as it was , Jai Chand Ka Dhaaba was the Meeting point in late evenings of freshly Selected IFS / IAS / IPS etc officers and aspirant students. I remember our Ex Seniors coming nearly daily from Curzon Road( Kasturba Gandhi ) Apartments - that was where the IFS Probationary officers stayed.
Selected officers would give tips / guidance to us. What was the current leanings of the examiners . Whether to give Leftist Marxist views or Rightist . What to say in the Interview.
No wonder , St. Stephen's , in those days , was the Nursery of Civil services Officers..

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