August 14, 2018

Red Fort of Delhi - 15 th August

The outer Lahore Gate( from where the PM addresses on 15 th August ) of the Red Fort , is a barbican , i.e. a later
addition to protect the original inner Gate
. Red Fort was constructed by Shah Jahan and barbican / outer Gate by by son Aurangzeb. Upon its construction Abba Hazoor expressed his displeasure to son Aurangzeb . " You have spoilt the original beautiful view of the Darwaza and the Qila. " It is as if a veil ( burqa ) has been put on a beautiful lady.


1857 Rebels Seized Rifles-WHERE HAVE THESE VANISHED ?

When I was in School ( PPS ) , in late 1960 s / early 1970 s I visited the Red Fort , Delhi. From the outer Lahore Gate ( i.e. the Main Gate - Barbican ) , turning 90 o left is the original Lahore 

At this gate on the Left , there is a narrow stair case leading to a floor where there were piled numerous muzzle loading rifles / guns which were seized by the victorious Britishers from Indian rebels / mutineers in 1857 /1858 and stored in Red Fort.

Apart from the patriotic value , such rifles gradually became antiques commanding immense value among collectors.

When I was in College ( St. Stephen's College Delhi ) in mid and late 1970 s, I , again visited the Red Fort and made straight for the room / hall which had earlier housed the then prize less and venerable ( for us ) rifles.

To my utter surprise there was not a single rifle there !!

Thinking these might have been shifted , I made inquiries. But no body could tell me where they went. They said they did not know .

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