April 25, 2013

Mukesh Ambani to Pay For Security @ Rs. 15 Lakh / Month

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Jalandhar Thinkers feel :-

Even Politicians who are provided with Security should be Charged on the cost involved.
Their Security should not be at Tax Payers` cost.

Many Politicians clamour for Security just because of it is a Status Symbol. VIP vehicles should not be allowed for transporting contraband.

Just before Ponty Chadda , the Late Liquor Baron , was raided by the Income Tax , his Politician friend Sukhdev Singh Namdhari `s VIP symbol vehicles and Police Escort ( provided by the Uttarakhand Police ) were used to hide Ponty`s massive currency hoard. Ponty Chadda was provided Punjab Police Security despite there being Pollution cases pending against him. 


Why is the LEFT silent on misuse of Security by Politicians ?

What is LEFT's stand on the Chinese Aggression in Ladakh ?

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