November 12, 2016

Actual Tillers Are The Only Real Farmers Jalandhar Thinkers


What about money laundering done by Rich / Super Rich Farmers ? 

They do not pay any tax . 

Money laundering of  ftheir  other incomes as agricultural income.

 Income Tax exemptions are only for Actual Tillers ( Plough Weilders ).

 But , in states like Punjab , Rich landlords give their land on Lease ( Theka ) to the landless cultivators. 

These absentee landlords do not pay  tax on this  Theka money .

 Govt should take against those Revenue officials ( Patwaris ) who show absentee landlords as actual tillers in the Girdawaris.

Many NRI s who have not set foot on India for many many years are shown as Tillers . They take the benefit of Free Electricity / other freebies while negotiating Theka s.

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