January 31, 2009

Busy Road at Urban Estate Phase-I Market, Jalandhar

Shot by gopal

Busy Roundabout at Intersection of Link and Model Town Road, Jalandhar

Guru Amardass Chowk, it was ealier popularly known as Milk Bar Chowk (a canal used to pass near it)
St. Joseph's Convent Junior School, earlier known as St. Anne's School is in the background

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Gurdwara, Model Town, Jalandhar

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Landmark Outlets at Model Town Market Jalandhar

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" I.T. Bonanza & Beauty Gala Compettition" at B.D. Arya Girls College, Jalandhar, Cantt

A colourful extravaganza of talent and beauty among college students was organised at B.D. Arya Girls College, Jalandhar Cantt. Municipal Counsellor ( Ward 11 ),Balbir Singh Bitu was the chief guest.

There wee many Inter College Competitions


Test Your Logic-Doaba College
Web Desidning----Kamla Nehru College
I.T. Quiz Guru Nanak Dev College


Hair Designing-B.D. Arya
Bridal Makeup-- B.D. Arya
Body Art-- Hans Raj Mahila Mahavidyalaya
Bindi Mathaa Patti- S.D. College

Winners were given prizes by Suresh Seth .

Avtaar Nagar, Jalandhar Residents Oppose Police Thana In Their Locality

Residents of Avtaar Nagar are opposing the move by Jalandhar administration to set up a Police Post in their locality.

This is very paradoxical as residents should be welcoming the police thana as it should lead to better security. Public image of police seems to be low. Proper measures should be taken so that police is seen by ordinary citizens as people friendly.

Pulse Polio on Sunday ( 01-02--2009 )

1385 Booths would be set up in Jalandhar District for administering polio drops to babies aged 0 to 5 years.

To make public aware of this campaign, Civil Surgeon, Dr.S.S. Walia and District Immunisation Officer, Dr. Reeta Jairath dispatched many publicity rickshaws to various perts of the city from the premises of Civil Hospital, Jalandhar

Aaye " BASANT" - Paala Urant

"Aaye Basant Pala Urant" meaning Basant ( festival) has come ; Severe Cold Vanishes"

Schools and colleges are celebrating Basant with students donning colourful yellow dresses.Young children are flying kites. More kites are bought by those small children who cannot fly them . Dor ( cord) is selling from Rs.50 to Rs. 1500 per charkhi( brought from places like Delhi and Bareilly ).

HAPPY BASANT-- HAPPY KITE FLYING--may you defeat your opponent in the " PECHAA" and then may you yell " Ayee Bo! AAye Bo!c, Woh Kataa!"

January 30, 2009

Guru Nanak Khalsa Girls College, Baba Sangh Dhesian- Convocation

Tamil Nadu Governor Surjit Singh Barnala is the Chief Guest at the Convocation 9for distributing degrees )at Guru Nanak Khalsa Girls College, Baba Sangh Dhesian.

Kuldeep Singh Wadala, a prominent social and political leader of Jalandhar, is the Chairman of the college's managing committee.

Singers & Music Artistes Demand Implementation of Goonda Act To Check Music Piracy

Punjabi pop is popular not only in whole of India ( including Non- Punjabi regions of India ) but in the entire world. But most of the revenue does not go to genuine copy right holders but to music pirates.

To check this leakage, singers and representatives of music companies met the Akali Dal nominee for M.P. seat of Jalandhar, Hans Raj Hans. Hans is the iconic figure of Punjabi music.

It is demanded that the "Goonda' Act, under which music piracy would become a non bailable offence be implemented in Punjab and Maharashtra. This act is, already, in force in Tamil Nadu from 10-10-2004 with salutary results.

Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar Flyover To Have Two Subways.

Following the directions of Punjab & Haryana High Court,the administrative secretary P.W.D. and Municipal Corporation officials have decided to include construction of two subways across the railway line at an additional cost of Rs. 3.25 crore.This would facilitate movement of pedestrians, cyclists, school children , school buggies aged and disabled crossing the railway line. Students of St. Joseph's Schools( both boys & girls) and Seventh Day Adventist schools and residents of Defence Colony , Ranjit Nagar etc would stand to benefit.

Otherwise such commuters would either have had to take a 2 km diversion to the busy Garha Road Phatak or risk their lives with fast moving traffic ( including trucks and buses)on the new railway over bridge.

January 29, 2009

Flats Booking by Improvement Trust, Jalandhar

Improvement Trust, Jalandhar has commenced booking ( last date 28-02-09)for 276 L.I.G. two room set , flats at Bibi Bhani Complex ( Guru Amardas Nagar).Ground Floor Rs.6 lakh, First Floor Rs.5.6 Lakh ; Second Floor Rs. 5.3 Lakh. 10% would be taken at the time of booking. The rates seem reasonable at the going rate per marla in Guru Amardas Nagar is around Rs. 2 lakh.


Jalandhar Improvement Trust Plots Booking ( 08-08-11 to 07-09-11 )

Applications are being accepted by Jalandhar Im provement Trust  for Residential Plots of various sizes from 100 sq. yards to 500 sq. yards at Surya Enclave Extension .

The rate fixed is Rs. 17000 per yard.

 The booking is open from 08-08-11 to 07-09-11.

Jalandhar Improvement Trust
Jalandhar, G T Road, G T Road, Jalandhar, Punjab 144001

Tel  0181- 2459821 ; 2459824 

Designated Banks in many cities are selling Forms etc.  
Please check with :-

Axis Bank
Punjab Gramin Bank
Punjab National Bank
State Bank of Patiala
Yes Bank
Union Bank    ‎ 


Jalandhar Improvement Trust Plots - Bank Finance Available For Booking Amount

Jalandhar Improvement Trust Scheme 2011 - Surya Enclave Extension

Last Date is 07-09-11.

Axis Bank is also offering 100 % Finance on the Booking Amount ( conditions Apply )

Branches :-


 Branches- Ladowali Road , Gujral Nagar , Maqsudan Road , Sodal Road



For More Information , Contact


Punjab School Education Board - Website

Date sheets etc. of Punjab School Education Board is available at website:-


Ambedkar Chowk Jalandhar

From Jalandhar_Photos by gopal

New Mall Under Construction at the Site of Cine Payal Jalandhar

From Jalandhar_Photos by gopal1035

Lal Rattan Cinema Becoming History

Iconic landmark in the process of being demolished.

From Jalandhar_Photos by gopal

Lyallpur Khalsa Girls Senior Secondary School Nakodar Road (near Lovely Sweets), Jalandhar

From Jalandhar_Photos by aggarwal

Guru Nanak Mission Hospital, Jalandhar

From Jalandhar_Photos by gopal1035

Magnificent New Building at the Site of Old British Motor Car Company Premises, Jalandhar

"The Axis"- the new building at the site of British Motor Car Company which gave its name to BMC Chowk, Jalandhar

photo by gopal1035

January 28, 2009

Jalandhar's Advocates Agitated Over Income Tax Raid

Income Tax practitioner's and advocates ( District Bar Association) are highly agitated over an income tax raid on one of the leading income tax practitioners of Jalandhar.

The raid was conducted in connection with a raid on one of the leading publishers, head quartered in Jalandhar. Advocates' association warned the Income Tax Authorities from conducting any raid on any advocate.

Jalandhar's Forgotten Love Story

These days we see youths trying to impress their girl friends by playing loud stereos in their cars or making dangerous turns on their mo bikes.


" Geet Hamare Pyaar Ke
Doharain Gi Jawaaniyan
Hum Na Rahengey, Tum Na Rahogi
Raheien Gi Phir Bhi Nishanian
( from film Shree 420)


In the years after the Second World War and Independence ( i.e. late 1940s ) the beloved of an aeroplane pilot lived in the area around Basti Sheikh Darwesh.Hers was a multi storeyed house.

One fateful day, the lover pilot took off ( probably from a flying club ) and very cheekily navigated his plane to the skies above the house of his beloved.

The beloved immediately, ran up the stairs to the roof of her house. From there she kept on waving her Dupatta to her man high above.

To get a clearer view and / or to impress her, the pilot kept on diving his plane lower and lower till the tragic happened. The plane crashed( in the agricultural fields between Basti Sheikh and Basti Gujan/ Basti Danishmandan ), the pilot passing away.

" Dil Diya Hai; Jaan Bhi Denge
Ae Sanam Tere Liye"
( song from film Karma)

Acknowledgement :Basic inputs of the incident provided By Sheikh Sarwar ( Chicago )

"KHUDI KO KAR BULAND ITNA"-a tribute to Jalandhar's Post 1947 Braveheart Citizens

Jullundur in 1947, like the rest of sub continent faced tumultuous and horrific times. But Jullundur , at that time also gave home to many displaced families.

These displaced families who had lost nearly every thing had to start afresh . But the will power and sheer grit of these people have today placed them at the top of Jalandhar's social and economic strata. This success is best symbolised by the Chopra family of the renowned Punjab Kesari group of newspapers and whose present chief, Vijay Kumar Chopra is a father like figure to all the citizens. There are many other success stories.

New citizens enriched Jalandhar in many other ways.

Craftsman from SIALKOT brought with them the skill of making sports goods. This spawned a totally new and immensely flourishing and trademark industry of sports goods of Jalandhar( mainly in Basti Nau and Basti Guzan).

Sialkot , also, contributed to BRASS BAND. In fact earlier, when marriage details ( dowry etc) was negotiated , " Sialkoti Band" would be insisted upon as a status symbol.

" Tandoori " delicacies, probably from Frontier region , do a great service in enriching the taste buds of all post 1947 generations.

We salute the hard work and perseverance of these brave heart families of Jullundur


January 27, 2009

Wise & Old Sayings ( Philosophical ) Sayings of Jalandhar-VII

(sold Buffalo and in its place bought a mare)
( got deprived of milk)
(had to pick up dung)
Horse dung unlike cattle dung is of no use in the household.

Sent by
Sheikh Sarwar ( Chicago )

Company Bagh--Jalandhar

After the First Anglo-Sikh war, 1846 following the death of Sher-e-Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh( in 1839) ,East India Company took control of Jalandhar. The landmark garden , in which Municipal Corporation office is located was named " COMPANY BAGH" after East India Company.

In 1858 British Government took away charge from East India Company. Company Bagh was renamed QUEEN'S GARDEN ( after Queen Victoria).

After independence the Bagh was, again, renamed " NEHRU GARDEN".

But the garden is still popularly known among citizens of Jalandhar as Company Bagh.

Chhoti Baradari (Near Medical College),Jalandhar.

Upmarket and premium commercial centre fast developing in Jalandhar.

Guru Ravi Das Jayanti-Celebrations in Jalandhar.

Prabhat Pheris are being taken out every morning preceding the Shobha Yatra

January 26, 2009

Basti Danishmandan Jalandhar-"Peeli Kothi" (Kothi no.1)

This heritage building at the entrance of Basti Danishmandan  Jalandhar (From Basti Guzan side) was constructed by Vakil Ameer  uddin Khan.

Pir Jhandian Wala- Basti Nau, Jalandhar.

Old Heritage Buildings in Basti Guzan, Jalandhar.

Heritage Building- Basti Guzan Jalandhar.

This Pre 1947 building in a lane towards Basti Sheikh (now Arya School)

Heritage Building- Shah Kuli Jalandhar

"Zinda Manzil" Basti Shah Kuli ( Near Basti Guzan, Jalandhar)

Old Gate of Basti Shah Kuli, Jalandhar.

Ancestoral Haveli of President Zia-ul-Haq (Basti Nau, Jalandhar)

Cold Wave Returns in Jalandhar

Due to snowfall in the hills, temperature dipped in Jalandhar.Children who were hoping to fly kites on the holiday of Republic Day were disappointed

There was fog till noon .

Jalandhar District Administration Honours 12 Citizens

On the occasion of Republic Day, Jalandhar District Administration honoured 12 citizens for their contribution in the development of society in the fields of agriculture, health, education and administration.

Dr. Kashmiri Lal, and Dr. Subash Chander from Civil Hospital,
Inderjeet Singh and Paramjeet Singh--Homeguard Deptt
Paramjeet Singh of Seed Corporation
Surinder Pal-Head Constable
Anil Kumar and Ram Kishan -PAP H.Q.
A.S.Ryar-Principal, State Public School, Nakodar
Three Patwaris from Shahkot Sub Division for their extraordinary flood relief work

Wise & Old Sayings ( Philosophical) Sayings of Jalandhar-VI

( in the month of chet the owner should be in his fields)


(if you wish to cultivate then plough your fields)
(if you are a 50% partner then be always with your other partner)
( if you remain at home and just make enquiries)
(you will escape only by giving up your bullocks i.e.you will lose everything)

January 25, 2009

Chemist Shops Raided in Basti Bawa Khel Jalandhar

Health Deptt and Police led by drug inspector Kulwinder Singh.raided 3 chemist shops in Basti Bawa Khel , Jalandhar.

Banned intoxicating capsules ( called Badaam by addicts) were seized. Action would be taken against the owners.

January 24, 2009

Wise & Old Sayings ( Philosophical ) of Jalandhar- V

(don't do business transactions where there is friendship)
(if you do business then give no credit)
( if you do lend ; forget it (the debt)


(a sick man taking food and a debtor's earning are alike)
( the food does not help the sick man; similarly the earnings of a debtor do not benefit him as his creditors take these away)

Grand Reception in Jalandhar of Bishop Father Franco

Newly appointed Assistant Bishop of Delhi Father Franco paid a visit to Jalandhar.

He was very warmly received by Punjab Congress committee Chief Mohinder Singh Kaypee; Former Minister, Ch. Jagjit Singh; Ex Mayor Surinder Mahey;Bishop of Jalandhar Dr. Anil; Father Thomas; Father Michael; Father Kurian;Father Peter;Star Masih Bhatti;Father Ilias; Father Simons; Father Anthony; Sister Dr. Gracey and many others

Netaji Subash Chander Bose Remembered

The birth anniversary of Netaji Subash Chander was observed at many places in Jalandhar.

It was Indian sub-continent's bad luck that Netaji was absent at a time when tumultuous decisions like partition were being taken. With due respect to stalwarts of India's freedom struggle, Netaji could have tackled the confidence gap between Congress and Muslim League. After all till 1945 soldiers from both communities were together fighting the British under the glorious " Azad Hind Fauj". Some solution could have been found to the two nation theory.

Immediately after liberating Rangoon( Burma ) from the British, Netaji paid homage at the Mazar of the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar.

With full respect to the proud nation hoods of present day countries of South Asia, it would be wonderful if supreme leaders of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, once in a year, jointly pay tribute at Rangoon at the Mazar of Bahadur Shah Zafar

Nation Prays For The Health of Prime Minister

Jalandhar citizens,irrespective of their political affiliations , like the rest of the country are praying for the speedy recovery of India's Prime Minister, Dr. Man Mohan Singh.

Dr. Man Mohan Singh is one of the greatest leaders India has produced.

January 23, 2009

Wise & Old Sayings ( Philosophical ) of Jalandhar-IV

(buffalo of iron colour i.e. reddish brown )
(and a good daughter are proud belongings to have)

( the best is agriculture)
(Trade occupies a middle position)
(service is bad)
( begging is wretched)

Wise & Old Sayings ( Philosophical ) of Jalandhar-III

(a brackish well)
(cultivationn the boundary )
(when weighing ; then )
( in place of one mun ( 40 ser); you get only 33 ser)

Wise & Old Sayings (Philosophy ) of Jalandhar--II

(a saline field)
(a plough that does not penetrate the ground0
(bullocks that keep lying down when working)
(a quarrelsome woman)
(a bad tempered cow)
(the man who has the things mentioned has nothing to brag about)

Collected byW.E. Purser ICS

Wise & Old Sayings( Philosophy ) of Jalandhar


(cultiating saline soil)
(and at a well on the border)
(the fool wasted his seed)
(the man who sleeps with an unknown woman)
(he has no brains )

Collected by W.E. Purser I.C.S.

Lions Club, Jalandhar Central To Donate Dead Body Freezer

Lions Club Jalandhar Central would on 24-01-2009 donate a dead body freezer to Basti Guzan,Jalandhat cremation grounds.

President of the Club Iqbal Singh Arneja informed that in the past Lions Club has donated similar freezers to Harnamdaspura and Gurudwara Model House cremation grounds ( Shamshan Ghats )

Income Tax Raids on Jalandhar based Publisher

Investigation Wing of Income Tax conducted simultaneous raids in Delhi,Himachal Pradesh & Punjab on business and residential premises of Jalandhar's largest publishing house. This group has all India presence and has sizable interests in real estate and hospitality sector as well.

January 22, 2009

Seminar on 23---24-01-09 on Higher Studies in Australia

VCC International Educational Consultants are organising seminars on 23-01-09, from 10 am to 5 pm, at Ahuja Tower, SCO 49, Puda Complex, ( Opp. D.C. Complex ), Jalandhar on the topic of " Higher Studies in Australia". There would be :-

On the spot Offer Letters,
Scholarships Available
Savings on Application Fees,
Discounts on Tuition Fees

( Applicants are requested to bring their academic certificates and Passport copies )

For further details contact

email :vensusgrp@yahoo.co.in
Phone 0181-2240740
(m) 98157 35671

High Court Serious About Unauthorised Construction of Hospitals in Udham Singh Nagar, Jalandhar

Punjab & Haryana High Court has hardened its stand on the issue of Hospitals and nursing homes running in unathorised premisesin Udham Singh Nagar, Jalandhar. These plots were originally allotted as residential plots.

The Hon'ble High Court has , also, directed that such errant Municipal Corporation officials be brought to book whose duty it was to prevent such hospitals to come up in the first instance.

There are more than 25 hospitals functioning in Udham Singh Nagar, Jalandhar. This posh residential colony was initially developed by Improvement Trust, Jalandhar and was transferred to Municipal Corporation in 1984.

Agitation By College Staff Members

From 22-01-09 staff members, both teaching and non teaching ,of all colleges and Universities of Punjab would observe strike for two hours daily.

The college staff members are demanding implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission whose recommendations have already been implemented in many states.

With exams starting from March end this is , also, a very busy time for completing the courses and preparing students for the exams.

January 21, 2009

Awareness Rally Against Plastic Bags by St. Soldier Group of Institutions

Chairman Anil Chopra and Chairperson Sangeeta Chopra of St. Soldier Group of Educational Schools and Colleges to-day flagged off an Awareness Rally against the use of plastic, especially plastic bags. Plastic bags are highly harmful for environment . They do not begin to degenerate before 25 years. If burnt they release harmful gases.

Earlier environmental friendly paper bags or " Doona" made of baked clay or leaves were used which were environmental friendly. Plastic bags , in fact, contaminate the contents kept in them especially food items.

January 18, 2009

Rurka Kalan Sports Club Meeting on 19-01-2009

Shahid-e- Azam Bhagat Singh Singh Sports Club, Rurka Kalan ( Jandiala Manjki )'s office bearers would hold a meeting on 19-01-2009 to discuss the details of its annual sports tournament scheduled for February 2009. This information was provided by Chairman of the Club Surjit Singh and Secretary Mela Singh.

Video Conferencing Facilities at HMV Colllege , Jalandhar

Keeping up-to date with the latest technology , Jalandhar's prestigious Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidyalaya ( HMV College ) Jalandhar has in its new conference hall facilities for video conferencing . Thus lectures can be given to students and, also, have interactive sessions with them without the necessity of them being present in person.

In this regard, College's English Dept. of the college organised a lecture on English drama , by Dr. Rana Nayyar of Panjab University, Chandigarh

5 MLD Effluent Treatment Plant For Leather Complex, Jalandhar

To prevent polluted effluents flowing into Punjab's rivers, authorities have sanctioned a large ( 5 MLD ) effluent treatment plant for Leather Complex, Jalandhar. This Rs.18 crore project would be completed in 10 months.

Tannery owners would be able to use this common pool treatment plant .

There is , also, an urgent need to stop water pollution of Bein ( Chehru ) flowing between Jalandhar and Phagwara. It is causing havoc similar to that of Budda Nallah of Ludhiana.

Kishanpura ( Jalandhar) Cremation Grounds- LPG to replace Firewood

A Rs. 75 lakh project has been initiated at Kishanpura( Jalandhar ) Cremation grounds to replace firewood by LPG. This would be an environment friendly measure which would save trees and prevent smoke pollution .

Rs.30 lakh would be provided by Govt. and balance by private donors.Krishan Dev Bhandari MLA released a grant of Rs 20 lakh in this regards.

The cremation process would be complete in 30 minutes and ashes can be had in an hour's time. Along with LPG conventional firewood process option would also be available.

Demolition of Un-authorised Structures at Village Vidhipur

National Highway authorities demolished unauthorised structures along G.T. Road, Village Vidhipur ( Kartarpur ) near Jalandhar.

With the intervention of Sarpanch Ashok Kumar and Panch Pawan Sharma two days time was allowed to the structure owners to complete the demolition work themselves.

Commercial Plots In Kapurthala- Auction By PUDA

PUDA is auctioning 10 SCO sites ; 10 Booth sites and 5 public booth sites located at Urban Estate, Kapurthala.

The auction would take place on 29-01-2009 (Tuesday ) at 11 am . Venue S.Atma Singh Urban Estate, Kapurthala.

For details contact PUDA, Jalandhar

Website : http://puda.nic.in

January 17, 2009

" Pranaam Shahidaan Nu "--Kuka Martyrdom Day To-day

Punjab pays tributes to 66 Sikh Kuka martyrs of India's Freedom Struggle . They were blown by cannons in a most cruel way by the oppressive British Rulers on 17-01-1872 at Malerkotla.

A state level Shaheedi Samagam is being held , to-day, at Namdhari Shaheedi Samarak, Malerkotla ( Distt. Sangrur ) under the aegis of Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji and Punjab Chief Minister S.Parkash Singh Badal

Old Nabhaite Dr.Shivinder Singh Sandhu & Mrs. Sandhu's Deaths Condoled

Old Nabhaites ( Punjab Public School, Nabha ) expressed deep shock at the untimely death, in a car accident, of their member Dr. Shivinder Singh Sandhu ( Ex Beas, " Ethiopian" joined PPS in 1967) and his wife Manveen Sandhu.

Sandhus were very well known and prominent couple of Amrisar. They ran the reputed Spring Dale chain of schools.

Kirtan and Antim Ardas would be held on 18/01/09 at 1 p.m at Spring Dale Senior School, Fatehgarh Road, Amritsar.

Phone 0183 (o) 2710011,711764
Email.: springdaleschools@redffmail.com

Seminar On Tackling Terrorism Held In Phagwara

Punjab Young Peace Council organised a seminar in Phagwara on the topic of " Terrorism --A Challenge To Nation".

Super-cop and former D.G. Punjab Police K.P.S. Gill wished politicians avoided undue interference in matters of national security. He said India should send troops to Afghanistan and that proper and most up to date high-tech weapons be provided to defence personnel.

Sanjeev Kalra IGP ( Jalandhar Zone )expressed his views on law and order and on peace.

Homage was paid to those martyrs from defence forces in Mumbai Outrage.

A short drama on Mumbai Blasts was, also, played by school children.

Hockey ( Under 17) Tournament in Jalandhar

Fifth All India Balwant Singh Kapur Memorial hockey tournament would be played at Burlton Park, Jalandhar from 18-01-09 to 25-01-09. This is a Under 17 competition for school Boys for the Mata Parkash Kaur Cup. The winner would receive Rs. One Lakh, Runners Up Rs 60,000 and third position team Rs.40,000.

Jalandhar has a proud association with hockey . Village Sansarpur, on Nurmahal Road, adjoining Jalandhar Cantt has provided many international level players including Udham Singh. Top quality hockey sports ware both hockey sticks and balls are manufactured in Jalandhar.

January 16, 2009

Gates of Lyallpur Khalsa College and KCL Public School, Jalandhar

From Lyallpur_Khalsa_College_Jalandhar_Jan_2009 by gopal

Railway Overbridge Construction In Front Of Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar

Busy Road In Front Of Bus Stand Jalandhar

From Miscellany by gopal

Punjab Techhnical University's Academic Council Meeting & Convocation on Its New Campus

Punjab Technical University, ( PTU ) Jalandhar has got a new Vice Chancellor Dr. Rajnish Arora and a spacious new campus on the Kapurthala Road. There are some teething problems like transportation, electricity supply, catering etc. but these should be overcome soon.

PTU was earlier functioning from small rented premises at Ladowali Road Jalandhar and was holding University functions at the premises of its affliated colleges , especially DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jalandhar.

For the first time PTU would hold on its own campus its Academic Council meeting on 21-01-2009 and Convocation on 13-02-2009

Jalandhar Colder Than Shimla !

Want to escape the severe cold of Jalandhar. Then you may consider making a trip to Shimla. This because these days plains are colder than hills. Minimun temperature in Adampur, near Jalandhar 5.8 *C and Amritsar 4.8* whereas Shimla 7.7* C ( which is 6* more than normal )

BMC Chowk Jalandhar Fly Over Approved

Photo by gopal1035
Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal announced in Jalandhar that BMC Chowk flyover project has been approved. A cheque for Rs. 20 crores was ceremoniously handed over to Municipal Corporation Jalandhar . This flyover would greatly ease the flow of traffic in this one of the busiest crossings of Jalandhar.

Many years ago there was a sewerage pumping station near this chowk at the place where now the upmarket Sanjay Gandhi Market is located. The chowk was got constructed by a car dealing firm by the name of British Motor Car Company Ltd which had its premises nearby. Hence the name BMC chowk. Later roundabout ( chowk ) was removed and traffic lights, as seen now, were installed. Soon a flyover!

( Incidentally, British Motor Car Co. Ltd. was the first to have LPG " Indane" Gas agency .This was the time when people were shifting from kerosene stoves and " Angithi " to LPG. )