September 30, 2012

September 29, 2012

Banks Closed Today For Public Dealing

Banks in Jalandhar and else where are closed for Public Dealing  on account of Half Yearly Closing.

September 28, 2012

Jalandhar Celebrates Shaheed e Azam S Bhagat Singh's Birthday


A grateful nation celebrated the Birth Anniversary of one of its greatest Patriots Shaheed e Azam Sardar  Bhagat Singh.


We Worship S. Bhagat Singh With Pride

We have a tradition of worshiping a silver coin on major festivals ( like Dushhera today ) and Diwali

Earlier our silver coin used to be the British times pre 1947 silver rupee.

This British Indian Rupee has now been substituted by a beautiful silver coin ( Kolkata Mint -2009 ) of Shaheed-e - Azam Bhagat Singh

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Jalandhar to Get Its First CNG Pump ( GAIL )

Municipal Corporation Jalandhar would be providing land at Lamma Pind Chowk to GAIL for setting up Jalandhar's first CNG Pump.

September 26, 2012

Further Hike in Electricity Rate in Punjab - Charge Creamy Layer of Free Consumers

Paid consumers of Electricity had been demanding relief from heavily over charging rates . Instead of providing any relief Punjab Govt is planning to raise further rates.

The excuse being cited is directions from the Centre,

Instead of go on increasing Electricity rates on the Paid Category , Govt should charge the Creamy Layer of Free Category of Electricity consumers.

While even a humble Paan Wala in charged at killer rates ( Penal Rate -Euphemistically Categorised as Commercial Rate ) Super Rich Farmers ( owning Land worth thousands of crores ) ae given Free Electricity.

Creamy Layer among the Caste ctegory should also not been exempted.

There is no logic in putting all the burden on Paid Category ) Plus Electricity Tax + Choongi on Urban Consumers ) and the grants received from the Centre be used for the benefit of Free Category ( Vote Banks ).

In this scenario the Electricity Distribution Board in Punjab should be split in to Two separate entities

1 ) For Free Category of Electricity consumers ( Vote Bank )

2 ) For Paid Category ( Non Vote Bank ) / Urban Consumers

September 25, 2012

Sunil Kumar Jyoti New Jalandhar Mayor

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PunjabJalandhar..Com wishes the New Team  Congratulations And Best Wishes

Link Road Between Domoria Pull - Amritsar Bypass To Ease Traffic Congestion

There is good news for residents of localities near Railway Station / Domoria Pull Jalandhar ( in Old Jalandhar ) and residents around  Lamma Pind Chowk , Laddhewali , Chogitti etc .

Jalandhar Improvement Trust has taken up the construction of link road from near Domoria Pull , across Maharaja Ranjit Singh Avenue to Amritsar / PathankotBypass Highway.

This road would greatly ease current traffic congestion at PAP Chowk , BSF Chowk , Ladowali Road etc.

September 24, 2012

Annual Mela Dera Samadh Baba Madu Dass Jhanda Sahib Alawalpur

Annual Mela was held with great devotion at Dera Samadh Baba Madu Das Jhanda Sahib Alawalpur ( near Jalandhar ).

Chief Priest Anil Dass Ji led the ceremonies . 

Bakharwal Digs Facing Extinction-Jalandhar Dog Lovers Deeply Concerned

Dog Lovers of Jalandhar have expresesd their deep concern at the Report in the popular English Daily " The Tribune " dt. 24-09-12 about the famous shepherd dog breed of Kashmir - Bakharwal Dogs which are facing extinction due to shooting down of these dogs by both militants and security forces.

Only a few hundred of Bakharwal Dogs survive.

Bakharwal dogs may become extict if urgent stepsare not taken for their conservatrion.

September 23, 2012

ATM Thugs - Active in Jalandhar -Beware

Thugs at ATM s in Jalandhar tell customers withdrawing money at ATM that the ATM is out of order. This is after the customer has fed the details in to the ATM . After the customers leave that ATM the thugs withdraw thew amounts using the information already fed in to the ATM.

Division No. 7 Jalandhar successfully nabbed such cheats on the complaint filed by Canara Bank , Bus Stand Jalandhar.

ATM users in Jalandhar and else where should remain beware of such tricks.

September 22, 2012

2 Pakistan Teams to Participate in Surjit Hockey Tournament -11-10-12

Priyank Bharti  IAS , Deputy Commissioner Jalandhar and President Surjit Hockey Society announced the participation in the 29 th Indian Oil Servo Surjit Hockey tournament by two Pakistan Hockey teams  Punjab XI Lahore and Sialkot XI ,

The prestigious hockey 9 day long  hockey tournament at Jalandhar would begin on 11-10-12  .

A total of 15 teams would participate.

September 21, 2012

Marriage Palaces of Jalandhar Under Scanner

Municipal Corporation Jalandhar is investigating whether Marriage Palaces operating in Jalandhar have complied with the Rules and Regulations.

Punjab and Haryana High Court is being apprised of the status of compliance by Marriage Palaces of Jalandhar.,

September 20, 2012

Jalandhar Mayor's Elections Now On 25/ 09/12

Elections for the posts of Mayor . Senior Deputy Maor  and Deputy Mayor would be held on 25 / 09 /12.

Earlier the elections were scheduled for 20-09-12

September 19, 2012

Bharat Bandh by BJP - Demand For Reduction in Petrol Prices in Punjab

Petrol consumers in Jalandhar and Punjab want that BJP ( which is a ruling coalition partner in Punjab ) should also work for reduction of Petrol prices in Punjab. Petrol is Punjab is costlier by nearly Rs. 8 Per Litre than in neigbhouring Haryana..

Diesel in Punjab is the cheapest and is nearly Rs. 5 Per Lire cheaper than in many states.

BJP should avoid holding Bandhs as these affect only the daily wagers and business men. Bureaucracy gets another holiday.Rich farmers are not affected.

There should be an end to the Petrol / Bijli Jazia on Non Vote Bank Punjabis.

Voters's List- Amendentment Process on in Jalandhar

Those eligible as on 01-01-2013 should ensure that their names are included in the Voters's List currently under preparation by the Electoral authorities in Jalandhar.

First draft list would be published on 31-09 -2012.

Objections / Amendments should be applied for with in the time given in the scedule.

September 18, 2012

Rain Waterlogs Toll GT Road Phillaur- Jalandhar

The Toll Tax Plaza at Phillaur ( Jalandhar - Ludhiana ) has imposed massive charges ( Rs. 102 - One Side Same Charges for a BMW and a small Nano Car ).

There should be Transparency and full disclosure ( Income / Expenditure and Details of Exemptions Granted ) about the amount collected and the expenditure.

Today , there was water logging at many places on the Phillaur - Jalandhar GT Road . This caused great inconvenience to the motorists . This makes total mockery of the massive Toll taxes collected from NON V I P Indians .

The Vehicle Numbers of all those avoiding Toll Tax payment should be put on the Internet. The real VIP s are those who pay and not vice versa 

September 16, 2012

Vasan Eye Care Free Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Guard Your Vision From Diabetes

Free Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
For More Details

Contact ( For Jalandhar )

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar- ( m )75089-10924

Vasan Eye Care Hospital
Lajpat Nagar,
Guru Nanak Mission Chowk
Jalandhar City

Ph 0181-3989000

ONA ( Old Nabhaites Association ) PPS - Amritsar Chapter Grand Getogether at Amritsar ( 15-09-12 )- Pics

                                                                                                                                                               Dated: 3.9.2012
Dear Old Nabhaite,
There is a sizeable number of Old Nabhaites in Amritsar. We all share in common that once all of us studied in our childhood’s second home, which is PPS. We walked, played, lived, studied and went through same experineces in our alma mater,of course at different times.
Many get togethers of  Old Nabhaites have bee held at Amritsar in the past. However during the last meeting the Amritsar Chapter was formally established. The following were selected as Office bearers unanimously.
President       -        Col.Mulkjeet Singh Sandhu (S-54, 1966)
Secretary      -        Sh. Sukhpreet Singh Khera (R-522, 1981)
Treasurer      -        Dr.Surinderjit Singh Walia (S-407, 1981)
As a follow up of the last meeting a dinner-cum-discussion on further strengthening  the Amritsar chapter will be held on 15 Sep 2012 at Hotel Golden Tulip.
We are sure that all Old Nabhaites will attend the meeting in large numbers. The aim is to interact with each other and renew our bonds with the alma mater. A special resolution will be adopted to congratulate Gen Bikram Singh for becoming the First Nabhaite COAS. Sh. Partap Singh Bajwa will  also be honoured for being elected as the first Nabhaite MP from Majaha region.
Venue: Hotel Golden Tulip, Amritsar (Stretch of GT Road between Railway Station & OCM Mills)
Time:1930 hours
Date:15 Sept 2012
Cocktails & Dinner will be contributory. Please contact the undersigned for information and directions if need be.
With best wishes and regards
Yours Nabhaitely & RSVP
Sukhpreet Singh Khera (R-522,1981)                                        Col Mulkeet Sandhu,Retd.(S-54,1966)    Mobile: 9463648852,9646022878                                             Mobile: 9464891775,9780022689      

                                            ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!!

SS Khera
Sr Manager (Personnel)
newnew logo
GT Road,Chheharta
 Amritsar 143105

T: +91 9646022878


September 14, 2012

Rajinder Sharma Takes Over as SHO Division No. 7 Jalanshar

Inspesctor Rajinder Sharma has taken over as In charge Division No 7  Jalandhar

Urban Estates Jalandhar are part of Div No. 7 .

Study in Canada - Mega Education Fair - In Jalandhar on 15-09-12

Date : 15-09-12 ( Saturday )

Time : 10 Am to 5 PM

Venue : Hotel President
Police Lines Road
( Near Bus Stand )


Charms Education And Immigration

SCO 19 ,
PPR Market
Mithapur Road
Jalandhar ity

Tel : 0181-4605585

Register online


CHARMS to 56767

email :



September 13, 2012

American System of Democracy ( Direct Election of PM ) favoured

Jalandhar Thinkers feel British ( Westminster form of Democracy has failed in India. It may be OK for a small country like UK but not India., India should adopt the American system where President ( in our case PM ) is elected directly

 There should be elections every Three years ( and not Five years )

Sparing Petrol Consumers ( Common Man ) - Lauded

In a welcome move Govt has shown that it can rise above Vote Bank politics and work for the common man ;
 All previous fuel hikes were limited to Petrol ( a fuel of the Common Man ). By hiking Diesel Govt. has shown that it can rise above Vote Bank policies ( Diesel is used by the Rich ) and work for the common man ( as Petrol is used by the Middle Class in Scooters , motorcycles small cars etc )

Diesel subsidy would have made India bankrupt.

Jalandhar public feels that Punjab Govt. should also grant relief to Petrol consumers . ( Petrol consumers in Punjab pay nearly Rs. 8 Per Litre more  than in Haryana because of abnormally high rate of VAT on Petrol in Punjab ).

Petrol in both Haryana and Punjab is sourced from the same set of refineries.

Lata - Miss Fresher Dheeraj Mr. Fresher - DAV College Jalandhar

In the Induction Ceremony of Jalandhar's prestigious DAV College Laa was selected Miss Fresher and Dheeraj Mr. Fresher.

Principal BB Sharma was the Chief Guest and President Local Managing Committee Kundan Lal was Special Guest of Honour

September 12, 2012

Amritsar - Chandigarh Express Train Now Stops at Jalandhar

Jalandhar public has welcomed the stoppage of Amritsar - Chandigarh Express Train at Jalandhar City station.

Timing ( Please recheck independently ) -

 to Chandigarh

6:22 AM to 6: 25

to Amritsar

9 : 57 PM - 10 PM
( Please recheck )

September 11, 2012

McDonald 's GT Road Jalandhar - Ronald My Friend Pic

Pride of Jalandhar

 McDonald 's

( Phagwara - Jalandhar GT Road )


Lucky Dhaba Jalandhar ( GT Road ) Enjoying Delicious Meal - Pcs

Lucky Dhaba
( Phagwara - Jalandhar GT Road )

Baba Chandipuri Mela -2012 ( Urban Estate II Jalandhar ) Pics

Celebrated With Greeat Devotion on 9 th and 10 th September 2012

September 10, 2012

Jalandhar Objects to Arrest of Anti Corruption Catoonist Aseem

Jalandhar Thinkers have reacted very strongly to the arrest of cartoonist Aseem for his so called anti national cartoons .

Govt. has over reacted.

 All the misdeeds / acts of corruptions are handed out by the corrupt using the National Symbols. So it is not the cartoonist but the Corrupt who have defiled the National Symbols.

So many anti social and illegal acts take place in cars / buildings / rest houses etc which bear National Symbols.

The real culprits should be booked and punished.

Let India remain a Lok Tantra and not become a LOOT TANTRA

Rain in Jalandhar- Good Late Rains

Jalandhar residents were caught unprepared in a short spell of heavy rain in the afternoon.

Late rains have significantly educed the rain deficit.

September 09, 2012

Baba Chandipuri Mela Urban Estate Jalandhar on 09- 10 -09-12

41 st Annual Baba Chandipuri Mela

Venue : Near Railway Crossing ,
Urban Estate Phase Two,

Chief Guest
Jagbir Singh Brar Ex MLA

Special Guests

Arun Jain and Neerja Jain ( Councillor UE -1 )

  Sunday - 09-09-12

Qawali - 9 : 30 PM


Sports : 2 : 30 PM

Bhagwati Jagran : 9 : 30 PM 

September 08, 2012

Sur Kshetra on Colors - Jalandhar Viewers Excited

Jalandhar viewers are very keen to watch the programme starting today ( 08-08-12 ) 7 : 30 PM Sur Kshetra on Colors Channel

September 07, 2012

BSE / NSE to Remain Open on 08-09-12 ( Saturday )11.15 AM to 12.45 PM

Jalandhar Investors have informed

There would be a limited hours Trading on BSE / NSE on 08-09-12

Timing 11.15 AM to 12.45 PM
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Shivali Suicide - Case Guity to be Prosecuted

In the tragic case of suicide of young college student Shivali , prosection proceedings have been initiated against the guilty.

Former Chief Minister of Punjab Capt. Amarinder Singh visited Shival's house in Garha - Urban Estate Jalandhar and expressed his deep sorrow and condolences.

September 05, 2012

MCX Stock Exchange Invites Applications For Brokership

Jalandhar College Students Observe Strike Against Corruption

Jalandhar College students led by ABVP observed One Day Hartal to protest against numerous scandals / corruption issues

Raising More Revenues - Make Bribes Taxable

Jalandhar Thinkers feel for managing their finances Govt. should not further burden the already over burdened Common Indians  . Govt should  cut its expenditure and vote bank subsidies.

Otherwise ,for  raising more revenue why not make the bribes taxable under the heading " Other Income "

India `s entire deficit would be wiped out ( There would no need to raise Petrol price.).

Jalandhar Celebrates Teachers Day

There is great excitement among students of Jalandhar.

Students are wishing thei teachers a very Happy Teachers Day.

Please Guide a Budding Cricketer of Jalandhar

hello...i'm ravinder kumar i'm good all rounder nd i want to join academy, m 21 year old, plz tell me how can i become a cricketer plzz give me some tips..nd plzz help email id is,,

Ravinder Kumar

September 03, 2012

For Construction of Your House - Consult Ambuja Engineers

For expert advice from Civil Engineers of one of India's leading companies Ambuja Cement , on construction of your Dream House in Jalandhar and else where ,

 Please Dial


September 02, 2012

Shivali 's Death - Candle Light March Taken Out in Jalandhar

Candle light March  was taken out in Jalandhar in the memory  of the First Year Student Shivali who embraced death when humiliated. There was a tense atmosphere and sombre mood  in her college PCM SD College Jalaandhar

First Control Under Ground Coal Fires - Jalandhar Thinkers Appeal to MPs

Jalandhar Thinkers feel that protecting India's Coal Wealth should be the firt priority of India's MP s whether of BJP , Congress or others

There are massive underground coal fires raging for decades . These fires are destroying annually coal worth thousands of crores The real tragedy of present day India is that while Parliament is stuck on the issue of Coal Mines allotment no body and no party is bothered about controlling the raging under ground coal fires.

Silk And Cotton Fabrics Sale in Jalandhar- Desh Bhagat Hall Till 10-09-12

Fabulous And Exciting Range of Sillk And Cotton Fabrics  Sale

( Sponsored  by Govt. of India - Textiles Ministry  )

Special Attractions

Rajasthani Block Printed And Fancy Kurta / Kurti
( Any Size Available )


Desh Bhagat Yaadgar Hall
( Opp Radisson Hotel ) BMC Chowk
Jalandhar City


31-08-12 to1 0-09-12

Timing :10 Am to 8 : 30 Pm

NRI 's Bride Commits Suicide in Jalandhar ( Pics )

There is no end to the NRI marriage tragedies. In the case of a marriage which took place in early 2012 with NRI ( Non Resident Resident ) settled in Germany and bride of Jalandhar , the bride has committed suicide.

There are allegations of dowry demand. The Jalandhar police is investigating.