January 31, 2011

Jalandhar - Phagwara are Now Like Twin Cities

Jalandhar is developing at a very fast pace. Jalandhar and Phagwara now look like twin cities .

Six laning of GT Road between Phagwara and Jalandhar is going on.

A part of the PAP Jalandhar compound is being used to construct another lane to the Pathankot - Amritsar Bypass.

January 30, 2011

Medical College Jalandhar ( PIMS ) to Start From This Academic Session

There is good news for aspiring Medical students of Jalandhar andaround.

PIMS ( Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences ) Jalandhar is starting its medical courses from the forthcoming academic session.

January 29, 2011

Martyrs' Day Tomorrow (30 th January )

 "Tees January " is the day on which Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated.The Mahatma Gandhi gave his life for the sake of communal harmony of India and for brotherly relations between Pakistan and India.

It  is observed as the " Martyrs ' Day " remembering all those brave hearts who sacrificed their lives for their Motherland  India.

Another Cold Day ( 29-01-11 ) in Jalandhar

Today is another Cold Day in Jalandhr with very little sunshine .

Govt. Model School Jalandhar Winner of All India Balwant Singh Kapur School Hockey Tournament

All India Balwant Singh Kapur Memorial School Hockey Tournament is held to " catch them young " future stars for Indian hockey.

This year for the Third time champions were Government odel School Jalandhar.

Pt. Bhimsen Joshi- Memorial Service on 30-01-11 by Shree Baba Harivallabh Sangeet Mahasabha Jalandhar

The popular English daily " The Tribune " has highlighted the Jalandhar connection of the renowned Indianclassic voculatist Pt. Bhimsen Joshi who passed away recently.

" He came to Jalandhar in 1933 and stayed till 1936 ." . He stayed in Baliyon Ki Bagichi and would daily pay his respects at Baba Harivallabh's samadhi..

Pt. Joshi  used to say according to Pt. Krishnanad Shastri of Jalandhar :- " I am what I am because of him " - ( The Tribune )  .

A Memorial Service would be held by Shree Baba Harivallabh Sangeet Mahasabhsa Jalandhar on 30-01-2011.


January 27, 2011

Urban Estate -1 Jalandhar and Garha Post Offices Shifted to One New Building

Post Offices of Urban Estate Phase One Jalandhar and of nearby Garha have shifted  to one new building .

Their new address is at SCO ( Opp Gita Mandir ) Urban Estate Phase One Market , Jalandhar Pin 144022

January 26, 2011

Republic Day - Let Us Do Some Introspection Also

On the Republic Day we reiterate our pride for our country . While we have done well we could have done better.

Republic Day celebrates the promulgation of our constitution ( which totally did away with notional British monarchy and made India a Republic )

Constitution was the result of the brilliant work done by the Constituent Assembly under the legendary Dr. BR Ambedkar.

Constituent Assembly was formed in 1946 . Most important point is that at the time of its initial formation in 1946 Constituent assembly of India   had both Congress and Muslim League leaders in it. It would have been great had some sort of Union ( rather than complete
 Partition ) of India and Pakistan been worked out . ( Most of the controversial issues between Pakistan and India have arisen because there can never be total separation between the two countries  These outstanding issues are there not because the two countries are so separate but because Pakistan and India have so much in common ) 

Insignia of the Constituent Assembly ( Map showing United India )

The Constitution could have been promulgated  on 23 rd January to coincide with  the Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chander Bose , one of India 's greatst and most revered National Heroes .It would have signalled  that Netaji led " Arzi Hukumat -Azad Hind ( Provisional Government of Free India ) during World War II had , finally ,become " Asli Hukumat- Azad Hind " ( Real Government of Free India )

Please click on the Map on the Top ( Red colour )

Happy Republic Day- Rare Photos and Letters of Former Prime Ministers of India ( from blog writer 's collectibles )

Autographed Photo

Signed By Smt. Indira Gandhi

Letter is Written on an Aerogramme
Very Rare Postal History 

Autograph in Hindi ( very Rare )

Happy Republic Day - Some Rare Collectibles of Blog writer

Signed By Smt. Indira Gandhi

Letter is Written on an Aerogramme


January 25, 2011

Somosa Hut Outlet at Golden Avenue II , Urban Estate -I Jalandhar

For a very wide choice of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Samosa s( and  Chinese and other snacks and hot beverages )

Samosa Hut ;
Multani Complex ;
Golden Avenue Phase II
Urban Estate - I ,

Phone ; 0181-4631543

For Free Home Delivery


98147 47684

Collect Your Voter Identity Card Today From Your Polling Booth

Today , 25 th January is National Voters Day

Voters who had applied for election cards in Jalandhar and else where can collect their voter identity cards from the respective election booths

In Urban estate Phase One Jalandhar , Poll officials were handing over voters ' cards at Shivalik Public School.

January 24, 2011

Non Resident Indians ( NRI ) Seeking Government Help - Contact Details

For Assistance Contact :-

Overseas Workers ' Resource Centre ,
Number Accessible From Mobile And Landline any where in the world


Toll Free Number

( from BSNL - MTNL Landline ) : 1800-11-3090

Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs ( MOIA )
Government of India

email : info@moia.nic.in


East India Company - World 's Pioneer Drug Trafficking Syndicate ?

Jalandhar thinkers and historians have expressed the view that East India Company 's rule in India should be interpreted as that of modern world's pioneering drug trafficking syndicate . This criminal activity was done as a matter of state mafia  as East India company was the ruling state authority.

The modus operandi of East India Company was that farmers in Bengal and Bihar ( Bengal Presidency ) were forced to grow opium . This was purchased by the East India Company and its agents at very low rates and then shipped to China.The  majority of  Chinese population  was made drug addicts. Opium Wars were fought with the Chinese to further the   drug trade of East India Company .

To pay for the Indian opium , Chinese silver ( especially Chinese silver coins ) were taken from China. These were melted in to Indian silver rupee coins   at a great profit margin. ( Indian silver rupee  coin weighed around 11 grammes and the Chinese silver was acquired by the East India company at much lower rate ).


It is very gratifying to note tat the East India Company which once ruled India and large parts of Asia and Africa has been acquired by an Indian .


January 23, 2011

Dance Competitions at Golden Moon Dance Academy Jalandhar Cantt

Dance Competitions at Golden Moon Dance Academy , Rama Mandi , Jalandhar Cantt

Special Prize Winners " Nach Balliye Dance Academy , Urban Estate Phase One Jalandhar City

More Than One Lakh Punjabis in Foreign Jails

It has been revealed in a case in the Punjab And Haryana High Court case that more than one lakh Punjabis are languishing in foreign jails.

They hail mainly from Jalandhar ; Shaheed Bhagat Singh agar ( Nawanshahr ) Gurdaspur ; Hoshiarpur ; Kapurthala and Amritsar districts.

Buy Residential Plots in Jalandhar in Approved Colonies Only

All those intending to buy residential plots in Jalandhar should first check whether the colony is Approved or not.

For this they should contact Jalandhar Developent Authority ( JDA ) by visiting their website

Indians Working Abroad - Take Govt. of India 's Assistance And Guidance World Wide Toll Free No.

Indians Going Abroad for Work

Never go by the  word of the agent


The recruiting agent is registered with the Protector General of Emigrants (PGE) and holds a valid registration certificate.

You have valid work visa and not a visit visa .

If you have an ECR passport and are going to an ECR country do check that

 Your work contract has been attested by Indian Mission in your Country of destination (if going for unskilled work)
You have obtained emigration clearance from the office of Protector of Emigrants

Important : Before Going Abroad Leave A Photocopy Set Of All Documents At Your Home

For Assistance Contact :-

Overseas Workers ' Resource Centre ,
Number Accessible From Mobile And Landline any where in the world


Toll Free Number

( from BSNL - MTNL Landline ) : 1800-11-3090

Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs ( MOIA )
Government of India

email : info@moia.nic.in




This is for information of all applicants that Passport Office , Jalandhar is going to hold Passport Adalat in GURU NANAK BAHI LALO RAMGARHIA COLLEGE FOE WOMEN
GT Road
from 10:00 to 5:00 PM on 13.02.2011.
Applicants who are interested to get their cases taken up in passport adalat has to register with this office.

The following are detail instruction of registration .
1 ) An applicant can register through E- mail at rpo.jalandhar@mea.gov.in or through Personal Visit at this office or through telephone at 9501779007
2 ) While registering with this office applicant has to specify the file no and year of submission of passport file.
3 ) Applicant will be given token number while registering and their case would be taken up in the Passport Adalat as per serial order of token number issued .
4 )The last date of registration is 04.02.2011.Applicants who register after this date their cases would not be taken in Passport Adalat
5 ) Passport cases of those applicant would be registered who belong to Kapurthala region only..

                                                                                                                        PARNEET SINGH

                                                                                                                       PASSPORT OFFICER

The Millennium School, Jalandhar- to Celebrate Republic Day by Holding Competitions

My India My Pride Celebrations

Venue: Viva Collage Mall ,

Date 26 January
Time : 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Drawing Competition
The India Quiz
Tattoo Artist
Jigsaw Competition - Fastest jigsaw wins !

For Registration Contact :-

The Millennium School ,
Kapurthala Road ,
Near Sports And Surgical Complex
Jalandhar City

Phone ;-
0181-2651717 / 18
email :


January 22, 2011

Khalbal Prasad - A Valiant Common Citizen of Jalandhar

Khalbal Prasad is 92 years old. He hails from Mahoba District ( Bundelkhand of Jhansi Ki Rani fame ) of UP

Khalbal Singh has been Jalandhar for the last 35 years and eariler working as road construction labourer.

Descendant  of the valiant " Bundel" soldiers of  Jhansi we salute this common ordinary Indian .


Netaji Subhash Chander Bose' s Birth Anniversary ( 23 January ) to be Celebrated in Jalandhar

23 rd January marks the birth Anniversary of one of India 's greatest  and most revered national leaders , Netaji Subhash Chander Bose.

On 23-01-2011 , according to Balwant Singh Kindra , NM Memorial Committee New Tegh Bahadur Nagar Jalandhar would celebrate the Birth Anniversary at 10 am at Lions Bhawan Lajpat Nagar Jalandhar


Emile Schenkl Bose- The Real " Kaiser - E - Hind "

Queen Victoria of England was given by Prime Minister Disraeli the title of " Kaiser -e Hind " meaning in German " Empress of India " . Victoria had German ancestry and Disraeli took great pains to please her.

But  for Indians the real Kaiser -E- Hind is not Victoria but EMILE SCHENKL BOSE  the Austrian - German wife of Netaji Subhash Chander Bose,one of the most respected National Heroes of India .

Well , had events happened in India's favour and had India been lucky then Independence would have come under Netaji Subhash Chander Bose . The great " ARZI HUKUMAT AZAD HIND " ( Provisional Government of Free India ) based at Singapore would have become the ASLI HUKUMAT AZAD HIND based at New Delhi .

Then ,firstly , there would not have been any partition  ( as Netaji , unlike the Congress , had full confidence and trust of Indian Muslims )

And secondly ( as I see in my dreams ) Emile Schenkl Bose ( with daughter Anita Bose ) would have landed in India and the admiring and adulating Indians would have been welcoming  India 's real " Kaiser E- Hind " and Emile Schenkl Bose taking her rightful place as the First Lady of " Azad Hind " at the Rashtrapati Bhawan , New  Delhi ( A glorious conclusion of Azad Hind Fauz ( Indian National Army's ) " Dilli Chalo " campaign ).


 ( There are may devotees of Netaji Subhash Chander Bose in Jalandhar. They love the movie " Bose - The Forgotten Hero " THEY WANT THAT A SPECIAL POSTAGE STAMP BE BROUGHT OUT HONOURING EMILE SCHENKL BOSE )


January 21, 2011

Dance Competitions on 23-01-11 at Golden Moon Dance Academy Jalandhar

Dance Competitions on 23 -01-2011

The Golden Moon Dance Academy ,
Rama Mandi ,
Jalandhar Cantt

Contact :-

98722 - 04511

January 20, 2011

Greater Kailash -Nakodar 's New Residential Colony

Nakodar 's  ( District Jalandhar ) upcoming residential colony on the Nurmahal Road ( near Jalandhar - Nakodar Railway line " Phatak " )

Kang Sahbu Town on Jalandhar - Nakodar Highway

Grand New Building of Govt. High School Bir Pind ( Nakodar ) District Jalandhar

Bir Pind ,( Nakodar Tehsil , Jalandhar District ) has created a great example by having a grand building for the Government High School .

It is a worthy example of Non Resident Indians ( NRI ) and Punjab Government pooling their resources .

Hailing from Bir Pind ,NRI brothers  Lehmbar Singh and  Sohan Singh ( of England ) contributed upwards of Rs . 1 crore 25 lakh  and with matching grants from Punjab Government.

Hardev Singh ,the proud Principal of Government High School Bir Pind declared that his school would soon be upgraded to Senior Secondary level .

Imported Timber From Canada - Available in Punjab

We were looking for imported woods in Punjab to start a new business. Traders mix wood with cheap qualities and push it through commission based network. We were interested to have quality and not to cheat builders and end users. We founded gill timbers- www.gilltimbers.com which is Canada and India based MNC dealing in Coastal douglas fir, hemlock, Oak, Maple, Walnut, SPF like woods.


Message being circulate purely in Good Faith . Please recheck independently . No responsibility with the Blog / Blog writer.


January 19, 2011

Mobile Number Portability From 20-01-2011

Jalandhar mobile Users are happy that all India mobile number portability would start from 20-01-2011 .

Now ,  with the same old number , mobile users can have mobile service provider of their choice.

 ( What a pleasant change from the position prevalent around 15 years ago when under Government monopoly a telephone user had to wait for around 10 years just to get a land line connection )

Petrol @ Rs. 65 /07- Punjab @ Rs.58 /65 Haryana - Demand Gathers in Punjab For Same Rate as Haryana

Demand among petrol consumers in Punjab ( including Jalandhar ) has started gathering momentum that Punjab 's petrol rate should be same as that of Haryana.

Petrol in both states is sourced from the same refineries.

Thousand of Petrol Pumps near border with Haryana are on the verge of closure because of artificially high rate of petrol in Punjab.

( Many voters in Punjab are saying that in the forthcoming Vidhan Sabha elections in Punjab they would vote for those who bring down the petrol rates to the rates in Haryana


July 23, 2011

Urban Punjabis Want Immediate Relief on Electricity and Petrol

Citizens of Jalandhar are discussing the sops being offered to lure urban  votes on the eve of Punjab Assembly elections.

Urban Punjabis Want


Immediate abolition of " Commercial category " connection category . This they find both exploitative as well as humiliating. Even Urban business men have a right to earn their livelihoods.

End of cross subsidies

End and Electricity Tax and Octroi ( Choongi ) on Electricity


The price of petrol should be reduced to the price prevailing in the neighboring state of Haryana ( where it is nearly Rs. 7 cheaper per litre ) . Petrol in both states is sourced from same set of refineries.

Exemption of small cars ( like Maruti 800 and Nano ) from Toll Taxes on Toll Plazas.

China Shows Aksai Chin and Arunachal as Chinese Territory - The Tribune News

Jalandhar Citizens are deeply concerned by today 's News in the popular daily " The Tribune " that China in" Google Earth " maps has shown Aksai Chin ( part of Jammu and Kashmir ) and Arunachal Pradesh as "Chinese territories ".

Jalandhar citizens want India to counter Chinese tactics with a very strong  response. ( China respects only brute force and India need not waste its time and energies on niceties when dealing with China  ) .

Our borders are not with China but with Tibet. In early 1950s China had given solemn assurances ( on which it has gone back ) that autinomy of  Tibet would be respected. ( Earlier Chinese maps also mentioned Tibet separately ).

India should treat Tibet as a separate entity .

( Historically Tibet has been closer to India than China . Its script is inspired and derived from Devanagri ( Sanskrit ) unlike the Chinese ideographic . Tibet is Buddhist , although China is doing its best ( or worst ) to destroy Buddhism in Tibet ..  There was time when India 's Ambassador cars use to run on Lhasa's roads )

January 18, 2011

Amita Arora- Secretary - Ladies Gymkhana Club Jalandhar

Amit Arora - Secretary
Vinu Nanda  - Joint Secretary
Parminder Channi - Joint Secretary

Kiran Bharti-Entertainment Secretary
Maninder Dhiman - - Entertainment Secretary
Sunanda Kataria -Entertainment Secretary
Baljit Kaur - Food Secretary
Madhu Sharma- Joint Food Secretary
 Neelam Thakur- Treasurer
 Sarabjit - Joint Treasurer

Executive Committee consists of

VK Singh
Sangeeta Sehgal
Renu Maini
R. Sethi
H. Trehan
Mona Rajinder Singh
Promil Chopra
Poonam Sethi

Saroja Ladhar wife SR Ladhar IAS ,Commissioner Jalandhar Division  was the special invitee at the meeting.

January 17, 2011

Jalandhar House Owners Must Give Tenant's Details to Police

Police authorities in Jalandhar have initiated action against those landlords who had not provided details of their tenants to their jurisdictional police chowky.

There is a standard and very simple form. This is to be filed with the Police.

Another Cold Day in Jalandhar

Cold wave seems to have returned . In Jalandhar and around it is very cold today. There is no sunshine.

January 16, 2011

UK Canada Australia and Others Study Visas- Immigration Consultants Jalandhar

Seminar was conducted by Ambition Immigration Consultants (  a Franchisee of Healthyway Immigration Consultant Private Ltd. )

For Visa and Immigration Consultancy ,

Please contact :-

Ambition Immigration Consultants ,
Shop No. 6 ,
New Grain Market ,
Jalandhar City

( m) Sachin Arora : 98880-85311 ; 92172-23060
email :-

Petrol Price Hiked - Diesel Left Untouched - Urban Punjabis Deeply Hurt

Urban Punjabis of Jalandhar and else where feel enough is enough and that " JAZIA " and vote bank torture should end.

Petrol prices have been increased again. If crude prices go up it is logical that prices all petroleum products have to increase.

But what cannot be justified is that the entire burden of crude price hike has been put on petrol which is consumed mainly by Urban Punjabis  . Diesel prices have been left unchanged.Once again , politically orphan Urban Punjabis ( who are no party's Vote Bank ) would be made to pay for the diesel consumed by the vote bank of those in Power in Punjab.

Urban Punjabis are fed up with this blatant Government discrimination.

They want

Petrol prices in Punjab should be the same as in Haryana
( Even after today's hike petrol in Haryana is @ Rs. 58 / 65 compared to Rs. 65 / 07 in Punjab ) . Petrol in both states is sourced from the same refineries.

Petrol and diesel should not be differentiated with  while raising prices. 

Toll Plazas should bring down toll rates by 75 %.

If free electricity can be given to super rich rural landlords then it , surely can be given to all Punjabis . (  Penal category of Commercial Category extracted from Urban Punjabi  business men , mainly landless shop keepers  and Octroi on electricity should be abolished forthwith )

Physically Handicapped should be given deemed   SC / ST status as they are , truly and defacto , the weaker sections of society, Free electricity and free petrol should be given to Physically Handicapped .


Petrol consumers in Jalandhar and rest of Punjab are opposed to any hike in Petrol prices ( Rs. 5 + from 14-05-11 midnight ).

Petrol consumers in Punjab point out that already petrol in Punjab is nearly Rs. 7 costlier than in neighbouring Haryana . It is substantially cheaper in Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh .

State duties in Punjab should be reduced instead of raising the petrol price.

Cross subsidies should be stopped and relief should given to Urban Punjabis who have been recently hit hard by Electricity Rate Hike.


Petrol Price Hiked By Around Rs. 3 / 25 p Per Litre - Jalandhar Consumers Want Roll Back

Crude Oil prices in the World Markets  have fallen sharply in recent times. Petrol consumers were expecting a cut back in petrol prices.

Instead petrol prices are being raised by around Rs. 3 / 25 p per litre.

Petrol in Punjab was already around Rs. 7 higher than in neighbouring state of Haryana , although petrol in both states is sourced from same set of refineries.

For petrol consumers it ia a case of Double Whammy.

Petrol consumers in Jalandhar are demanding an immediate reduction of State duties like VAT to Haryana level . Petrol rate in Punjab should be at the same rate as in Haryana.

(World wide prices of Petrol and Diesel are nearly same. In India Vote Bank politics make the price of petrol nearly double that of diesel . Petrol is mainly used by common men in two wheeler scooters and motor cycles )

January 15, 2011

Free Eye Camp at Arora Eye Hospital Jalandhar

Inaugural Eye Camp
( Free Eye Check Up)
From 10 th January to 17 th January 2011
Time : 9 AM to   1 AM


7 - A , Lajpat Nagar ,
Link Road ,
( Near Chawla Nursing Home )
Jalandhar City
Ph . : 0181-5003005

Dr. Amandeep Singh


January 14, 2011

Special Mahila Lok Adalat in Jalandhar on 15-01-2011

Cases relating to women would be taken  up in the Special Lok Adalat to be held on 15-01-11 at Jalandhar Courts

Cold Wave Abates in Jalandhar

A light drizzle overnight and sunshine brought in Jalandhar  relief from the severe cold wave .

People of Jalandhar and around celebrated " Maghi " today.

January 13, 2011

Jalandhar 's Car No. PB 08 BS -0001 Auctioned For Rs. 2 Lakh 10,000

Under the charge of DTO Babita Kaler and RTA Ravinder Singh  , ADTO Kehar Singh and Surinder Kamboj ,Jalandhar Transport office earned  a total of Rs. 16 lakh 22,000 by auctioning VIP ( Fancy Numbers ) for PB 08 BS Series.

No. 0001- Rs. 2.1 lakh
0002 - Rs. 60 ,000
0003 - Rs. 90,000
0005 - Rs. 50 ,000
0006 - Rs. 40 ,000
0007 - Rs. 40 ,000
0008 - Rs. 36 ,000
0009 - Rs. 1 lakh
0010 -Rs. 35000
0013 - Rs. 34, 300
0808. -Rs.21,000
0100 - Rs. 42 ,000
1111- Rs.69 , 500

Happy Lohri

Lohri is being celebrated today ( 13 Th January 2011 ) in Jalandhar and around.


January 12, 2011

Punjab's Tribals Fight For Justice - Memorandum Presented to ADC Jalandhar

Punjab has a tribal population of around 35 - 40 lakh. There is no official recognition , as it there in other states , as Scheduled  Tribes ( ST ) although some of the tribes have been incorrectly included in the Scheduled Caste list.

Their apex body , Punjab State Tribal Castes Organisation ( Punjab Pradesh Vimukt Jatia Sangathan ) under the Presidentship of Dr. Tarsem Singh Mahla MBBS , feels that they deserve 7  : 5 % reservations for Scheduled Tribes ( ST ) and 5 % as Weaker Sections.

The organisation wants a separate Welfare Board for Scheduled Tribes of Punjab

Further , Tribals of Punjab have been deeply hurt by the move to change the name of Rajasansi International Airport of Amritsar.

A big protest rally was held in Jalandhar and a Memorandum of Demands was presented to ADC Jalandhar Gurpreet Singh Kahira .

The delegation was led by Dr. Tarsem Singh Mahla MBBS and included .Kuldeep Singh ,Chaman Singh , Kulwant Singh Mahla ( of Vimukt Chetna Manch ) ; Mangat Ram  ( Amritsar ); Prem Kumar ; Natha Ram ; Charan Das and many others.

Jobs in UK - Message Received by Blog ( Please Cross Check )

This Message Received by the Blog is being circulated purely in good faith . Blog readers are requested to cross check independently . No responsibility with this Blog / Blog Writer )

Victor Diaz Carrillo

show details 10:37 PM (12 hours ago)

TEL:+4470 4575 7082.

Dear sir/Madam

Coldwater sea foods co, UK and its joint ventures based in UK,after
recommendation from labour consultant we seek to write to your response on
a job opportunity.

The company need about 520 workers to sum up the already registered
employers whom their visa has been issued,because many workers will be
leaving the company at the end of this year cause of the expiration of
thier contract with the company.

The company have the following vacancy:
a)Fish packing(b)Fish cutting(c)company security(d)office
works(h)Administrative/medical jobs for degree holders in Health and
management courses(i)Computer Administration.

You are hereby advised to contact the company via this E-mail:

Kindly send your details along with scan copies of your international
passport and a copy of your recent passport photograph.

This is the entitlement and packages from the company.Paid
airfares,Transportation,Quality single housing accomodation in company
community,free medical care,life insurance, paid vacation and maximum
security in work enviroment and housing community.

The salary for the post of fish packing is £8pounds sterling per hour and
you will work for 8hours per day and also there is a chance for overtime
depend on your choice.

There will be no interview for the post of manpower job except the health
and management sector where the company required atleast a degree holder
in job related.

Candidates are expected to sponsor thier travell expenses except air
ticket which will be send to the applicant as soon as the applicant
comfirmd his work permit visa.

Working Hours:8
Salary:       £1800
Visa type:    2 years working permit
contract:     2 years
company site: Grimsby UK
Flight ticket to UK will be sponsored by the company.

All contract are meant to last for a span of 24months.

Send resume/detail curriculum vitae,telephone number via email :

We will enter into correspondence only with short listed persons or

Coldwater sea food co,UK
Greg Walter.

Victor Diaz Carrillo

show details 10:37 PM (12 hours ago)

Warning to Jalandhar citizens  and others  : Please exercise utmost caution and recheck every fact independently. This Blog takes absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for the correctness or genuineness of the message . Message circulated purely in Good Faith .

January 11, 2011

Article on INS Khukri in " The Tribune "

An article in the popular English daily " The Tribune " on INS Khukri and INS Talwar brought back poignant memories of the last 39 years.

INS Khukri was a frigate , a dedicated anti submarine naval ship. A frigate should have been the last type of naval vessel for the enemy submarine to sink. It should have been the other way round . Indian frigates should have got the submarine and packed it off to " Old Davy Jones Locker "

There was always the buzz that PNS Hangor was very much on INS Khukri 's sonar. It is said that in war only " tried and trusted " weapons should be used .

We have lived with the pain of Khukri 's loss  all these years

Happy Gurpurab To All Blog Readers

Gurpurab of Guru Gobind Singh Ji is being celebrated with great devotion in Jalandhar and else where.



Gurudwara Sahib Preet Nagar Sidal Road Jalandhar

January 10, 2011

VIP Car Numbers ' Auction at DTO Jalandhar

Car owners who wish to acquire VIP Car Registration Numbers should remain in touch with the office of DTP Jalandhar.

Hoshiarpur - Una Road- Now All Weather

Devotees to Pir Nigaha , Baba Balak Nath , Baba Rudru and others from Jalandhar and else where use the Jalandhar - Hoshiarpur Una Road . With the near completion of the High Level bridge at Sadhu Chak at the Punjab end of the Hill Road this Highway , now , becomes all weather. ( Himachal Pradesh had earlier built bridges on all rivulets on its side )

January 09, 2011

Beat Severe Cold Weather - Monkey Family Shows How

In severe cold Mama monkey and Papa monkey huddle together to give warmth the Baby Monkey in between

Pir Nigaha Shrine in Una Himachal Pradesh

Shrine of Jai Baba Sakhi Sultan Lakhaan Da Daata ( Pir Nigaha ) is very popular among devotees from Jalandhar also